Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Things I learned in June...

I enjoy the first day of each month...just like the first day of the year....it has such promise!! 
I have all these ideas and thoughts swirling around in my head of the things I want to accomplish.

I have seen some bloggers posting their goals for the month of July and I think I shall participate, but first...

What I learned in June:::

Usually, Emily from Chatting at the Sky does a monthly post called... What We Learned... and she shares the things (funny & serious) that she learned the past month.  She is taking a blogging break this summer so there is not a post to link up to, but I decided to write my own post anyway.

You can see my other two Things I learned posts here and here.

In the month of June I learned...

1.  When your mom calls and is talking about how much she is missing your kids, but is beating around the bush asking you to come visit.... Go see her!
Even if you have a million things to do.  Even if you are trying to save money for a trip to Disney World.  Even if you miss your husband terribly whenever you're apart.  
Even if it wasn't "planned."

Go see her!!

You won't regret the sweet memories that your kids will make while spending time at their Gigi's (or Nana's or Mimi's or Grandma's etc...)  
We just wish Daddy Keys would've been able to be home!
I know he misses the kids too.

2.  I also learned to just put on the swimsuit.
I have not worn a swimsuit in two years...I know.  
It's pretty ridiculous.  

My friend Shelbye shared this post from The Mom Creative on Facebook and then I read it a second time when my blogging friend, Becky from bybmg posted it. 

My kids won't be little for long and I want them to remember having fun with me...on dry land and in the water :) I don't want to worry about how I look in a swimsuit so much.  
I don't want to care about what other people think.  
I just want to be happy each day and make my kids happy! 

When Mom learned we were going to visit her for a couple of days she told me that she wanted to try and take the kids swimming...
Ummmm....yeah that sounds like a lot of fun mom, but I don't even own a suit.
Then this blog post by The Mom Creative popped into my head and I thought....she is so right!! So we made a stop at Target and stocked up on pool stuff including a new swimsuit for me!
The kids were fired up to go swimming!! 
It was so much fun hanging out with them at the pool...and not just putting my feet in!

The rest of this summer I plan on putting on that swimsuit even though I still have lots of "marbles" to lose and just enjoy these summer days with Olivia & Jonah!!

Did you learn anything interesting, quirky or funny
 this past month?

I hope your July is filled with lots of fun summer days making memories with those that you love!!!


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  1. This is great! After years of debating about it, I decided to start a blog! I just started following you and I'm looking forward to reading more! Proud of you for getting your feet wet (pun intended) and buying a swimsuit! I'm realizing similar things about my time with my kids too!

    1. Thanks so much!!! I hope you enjoy blogging!!! I love it.... I checked out your space...such cute, stylish photos!!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you got into your suit! Spending time with your mom is so important. I took a day off and spent it with mine this spring and it was so worth it!

    1. Thanks....I survived so I plan on doing it again soon & often! :) Hope you guys are having a fun day! Loved your outfit from today!! Way to push through :)