Sunday, July 6, 2014


Sitting: at our table drinking coffee and catching up on blogs

Listening: to our lovely dogs barking

Wishing: I could hire someone to come do my hair & makeup daily :)

Looking forward to: church this morning

Reading: 2 Joyce Meyer books & 1 Nicholas Sparks book

Praying: for sweet, precious, baby Heath

Craving: nothing...I've got my coffee!

Saving: for a trip to Disney World this December

Wondering: what I'm going to wear to church....also wishing I would've planned that out last night.

Putting off: laundry

Dreaming: I'm living the dream right now....I love my little family.

Regretting: not working out this weekend


  1. Love this. I wish I could hire someone to clean my house! I mean it's possibly, but not in the financial cards currently!

    1. That would be 1 other thing I wish I could hire :)