Thursday, July 31, 2014

Things I Learned in July...

1) When taking the dog to the vet.... you might as well forget about the coffee, because it will be EVERYWHERE.  Winston is no problem taking to the vet and traveling in the car.  Now, Tripp on the other hand, not so much.  This is how he rode to the vet a couple of weeks ago.

Right behind me...

 or on top of the dash.

2) I'm sure this lesson is for any time.... but when you are a new homeowner and your bank sends you a check that they claim is an overage that you paid, Don't Buy It!!  Hang onto that money because when they find their error you will have to send it back.  Just hope it's not after you receive a letter in the mail about a tax lien on your property.  We were like whaaa???? Fortunately, the bank fixed the problem on their end...and we only have to pay back a portion of the $ they sent us.  

3) It's only when you are having the most amazing, wonderful sleep will your new puppy wake you up to go outside.  Every.  Time.  

4) I am reading "The Longest Ride" by Nicholas Sparks and on page 321 it says... "I can no longer open a jar of jelly; I have the cashier at the supermarket do it before she slips it into the bag." 
Now that right there is a genius tip.  I hope when I'm older and my hands are too weak to open my jelly or peanut mind will still be good enough to remember this piece of advice.  Genius.  

5) Those of you that know my husband know that he is a wonderful storyteller.  I love his stories.  He has these crazy, heartfelt, could never happen in a million years stories ... stuff that needs to go into a book.... He is a words guy and he loves history and football and can get off onto politics in a nano second.... 

We have been together for the past 3 years and I have loved every minute of it.  During our time together I have listened to lots of stories...I have seen 100s of plays drawn up and explained....I have learned about defenses and offenses...I have listened to techniques, ideas & different philosophies regarding politics, religion, sports & life in general.  I have heard sweet, romantic compliments and encouragements.  I have learned many things.  I have been intrigued.  I have blushed.  I have always been able to give my 2 cents and he listens to my every word.  

...but last night I learned something very important.

We were in bed and it was kind of late.  I put down my Nicholas Sparks book and muttered something about ugh that book...because of course, I had just finished a sad part...and I was emotional about it.  He turned out the light and asked me what was going on in my book.  I asked him...Do you really want to know? and he said... yeah, the short version.  

I said... after all the times I have asked you 1 question and have gotten a 30 minute want the short version? 
He said well, you never asked me for the short version.  Hahahahaha I said...well, I didn't know that was an option!  

I do now.  

We laughed so hard about this.  

Marriage is the best.  You learn new things everyday.  You grow together and change for the better.  You come to know your spouse better than they know themselves.  You protect your marriage with prayer, common sense and an ever growing love.  

I love him and the next time I'm sleepy, I'm going to be sure and ask for the short version.

Throw Back Thursday
Me & My Forever
May 2012

I hope July was good to you.

Here's to an even better August.


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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday {#12}

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts...

I'm linking up with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.

I have been lacking in the Motivation Department...and frankly, I am just running out of things I want to wear.... Honestly, I'm just lazy at the moment.  
Maybe one of you has some awesome wardrobe advice for me? 

What inspires you???

These are just some pics from some of my outfits from July.

I tried a new format...
Which do you prefer? 
Me, ridiculously posing in my mirror or just these 
shots of the clothes?
Or both?

Feel free to comment...
Oh and speaking of it easy to comment on here or do you have to type a code in?? I have changed my settings a couple of times, but people have told me they 
still have to type something in.
Still? or have I fixed it?

Shirt - Kohl's
Jeans - Walmart
Shoes - TOMS
Bracelet - Wrist Soiree
Watch - Michael Kors
Gold hoops - Walmart (new)

Tank - Walmart
Shirt - Calvin Klein
Jeans - Ann Taylor
Sandals - Target
Watch - Michael Kors
Earrings - gift from Rachel

Shirt - J. Crew
Jeans - The Loft
Sandals - Old Navy
Watch - Michael Kors
Gold hoops - Walmart (new)
Sunglasses - Old Navy

Sleeveless top - Express (new)
Cardigan - JCPenney
Jeans  - Ann Taylor
Shoes - Petite Sophisticate
Earrings - Ballyhoo
Necklace - Lisa Leonard Designs

Did I mention I'm about to begin a new job and my 
"Everyday I Wear Jeans Days" are going to be OVER????

It's the End of an Era...on many levels.

Tomorrow is my last day here at this job....
and I may have teared up 
on more than one occasion.
I'm really excited about my new chapter...but I've worked 
here for a while, at a job I have loved.


Thank you all so much for participating in my first Clothing 
Insta-Sale... I'm so happy to give a few things a new home.

Don't forget:

Tuesday, August 5th

and Monday, August 11th

Take care and enjoy each moment of today!

{and Jesus}


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The One with Our First Jamz...

Who else better to practice on than your daughter, right?
We had so much fun putting these on tonight.  
We decided that we should make our own video... just kidding - we won't torture you.

I know this photo does not do these wraps justice, but I still wanted to share real quick.

(I know I need to practice, like a lot.)

This is the set I ordered for Olivia.  
It's called Orchid Skinny & Garden.

Can't wait to practice some more and try some different designs!!


Oh and....a special thank you to my sweet husband tonight.  I walked downstairs to find him washing all of our dishes.  
Bless him.  I'm a lucky girl.

Coach Sims

Until next time...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday's Top 5 {#16}

It's here...another week! Did you have a fabulous weekend? Yes?!?Well, let's make the week just as fabulous, shall we????

Here we Top 5 for this rainy (praise the Lord) Monday!

1) Fitness Inspiration


2) Clothing Inspiration

I am by no means crafty.  So this pin is truly for all of you talented women that actually have the patience and talent to do this.  
I thought it was so cute.
They say it's easy on the website.  Let me know.  I will just be here still taking all of my stuff to Mary Alice, my seamstress friend.  She's good people.

3) Life Inspiration

    This. Right. Here.

4) Nail Inspiration

My current new obsession: Jamberry Nails
OMG...I can't wait to get my order so I can start trying all of these designs out! Have you tried them?
I'm having a party soon... Stay Tuned :)

5) Funny Inspiration

Now you ALL know that I like to make the most out of my Mondays...but this is still funny to me! all of you croc lovers (aka my husband) I still love you!


@mrscoachsimscloset on Instagram

Blog Hop ~ Tuesday, August 5th

Link Party ~ Monday, August 11th

Happy Monday!


Sunday, July 27, 2014

The One with the New Wreath

Thanks to the one & only Stephanie, whom you might remember from this post, our front door got an update today.
I love this new wreath she made for us.  
I enjoy driving down our street and seeing it...
It's perfect.


Today I told this cutie that I can't believe he will be 6 years old soon and starting Kindergarten.  
He told me that he has a loose tooth.
Then I cried.

Wonder where he has seen those moves?

Happy Sunday, friends!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Good News Friday {#7}

Happy Friday! 

What a day! I've been running around my house going back and forth between work projects and home projects.  I have to make a To Do List for the day and set a timer or else my day can get away from me.  Plus, I feel as though I suffer a little from adult attention deficit disorder.. :) 
Every time (which seems often) I hear Jonah saying --- Look, a squirrel!  --- I giggle and then remember my 5 year old son will not understand his own joke :) 

On to the real part of this post::: 

I started this series ~ Good News Friday ~ because all throughout the week I hear terribly, sad news.
I honestly try avoid the news because I just can't take it. 
I depend on Jason to keep me up to date on current news and avoid the rest!

Here is a clip of Candace Cameron Bure talking about being a submissive wife and her book, Balancing it All.

She is one of my favorites.  
I admire her for being a celebrity and standing up for what she believes in.  



I will be participating in a blog hop on August 5th!


Our August Link Party will be on Monday, August 11th...

Hope you can join us!

Well, I better go.  My husband is calling...he says it's Date Night!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday's Top 5 {#15}

Good afternoon!

This post is coming to you live from location ---- San Antonio!
In my opinion, there are not a lot of things that are cooler than walking outside of your hotel and seeing the Alamo.  It is such a huge part of Texas History and it is just beautiful.  I love it!

I usually hate to say on the world wide web when we are away...I like to post about it when we return...because I think someone will surely rob us now because I just told them that we are not home.  Whatever, I hope to goodness if you are reading this and decide to rob change your mind because that would just not be cool.  Thanks, Mr. Robber or Ms. Robber...

Back to my Top 5 ---- Today I am going to share with you 5 things that I am LOVING right now.

1) Food Inspiration

Back in June our Link Party was Summer Recipes ---- Mandy over @ Almond Place shared a recipe for Bang Bang Cauliflower/Shrimp - Oh My Good---ness.
I made this the other night and it was delicious.  
She said the recipe was super easy....and it was, I just made a HUGE mess.  I'm sure that's just me though, I'm a little messy, especially in the kitchen.
When you make a meal and your husband says over and over....This is so good, you have to make this for company! --- 

Well, then Honey, you have done something right in the kitchen and you need to make that dish again!

Find her recipe HERE

This is a picture of Mandy's meal --- mine was not as pretty, but still delicious.

2) Life Inspiration

I am so grateful for being able to forgive others quickly!
It does me absolutely no good to hold onto a grudge or some painful memory.  
Forgiveness is key.
& do you ever have one of those moments where you want to kick yourself or shove something in your mouth so the words will stop coming out...and then just start your day over? 
Uh,,,yeah, me either ;) 
For those moments, I am sooooo very thankful for forgiveness.

btw...on Wednesday, I'm going to hear this guy (Max Lucado) talk.
and I totally saved this pic for this post before I even knew that.
God is awesome like that.

3) Beauty Inspiration

I love my hair, but I do not enjoy fixing it.  I especially hate detangling it and blow drying's so thick and long it takes FOREVER. 
Enter this little bottle.
I have searched high and low for an awesome dry shampoo and I finally found it at Target for $2.89 or $2.98 not sure, regardless::: cheap!

Just remember to shake it before you apply or your hair will look mine did just this morning :)

Thank you Suave!

4) Home Inspiration

I don't think I can convince Jason that we need this....but maybe YOU need it??

via Pinterest

5) Mommy Inspiration

Can I get an Amen?

I sincerely hope you all have a lovely day!!

(and don't forget my Insta-Sale that starts tomorrow!!! 
@mrscoachsimscloset )


Sunday, July 20, 2014

The One with My Insta-Sale Preview #2

A preview of a few things that will be listed on my first Insta-Sale...

Boy's Football Pajamas // Crazy 8 // Size 5 
Starting bid - $2.00

Girl's Black Sweater with Hearts // Total Girl // Size S 6/7
Starting Bid - $1.00

Women's Black & White Floral Skirt // Calvin Klein // Size 6
Starting Bid - $1.00

Insta-Sale starts Tuesday, July 22nd.

I have over 60 items I will be listing!
And of course if you are local we can arrange a pickup - no shipping costs!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The One Where I Share My Heavy & Thankful Heart

I have a lot to share.  A lot I would like to say...
but I usually don't.  I'm not sure exactly why.  It could be because I let fear get the best of me or it could because every time I turn around it's time for Monday's Top 5 or What I Wore Wednesday or Good News Friday....and blogging in between those days almost seems impossible.

More than anything I want my life to honor and glorify God.  I want my life to match up with His Words that are spoken in the Bible.  
What I speak, I want to be truth.  What I share, I want to mean something more than the things that are happening on this Earth.

With a To Do List a mile long, a desk with papers piled high, a sink full of dirty dishes and a suitcase waiting to be packed....
I just want to stop and take a second to be thankful.

I am thankful for:

This home that God has provided us with.

Friends that know how to brighten my day.

Children that are so sweet, smart and ridiculously too cute.  In my opinion.  

Parents that are so good to us and are still so in love.
They set the bar pretty high as husband & wife and as parents!

Coffee and for that pin I stumbled across to make my own homemade coffee creamer.
Yay for less toxins.

My sweet husband who leads our family so valiantly 
and who prays with me.
He tells me I'm beautiful all the time....and I don't know about you, but words of affirmation is definitely my love language.  
He gets me.

For the job that I have had the past 6 years...that came complete with an extraordinary boss who is also one of my best friends.

For my new job....that I can't even believe is happening yet.  We have prayed many months that our family would all be in the same town, but I had no idea how that was going to happen....and look at us now.  Thank you, Jesus.

This one may seem selfish, but I am totally happy that I have saved an insane amount of money to spend on a new purse.  Once I do purchase it I hope I will not be too scared to carry it for the fear that it may get dirty :) 

For my brother and his beautiful wife.  Over the past several years she has spent countless hours listening to me and my struggles....I will never forget what a good friend she was 
to me during those times.
I hate that she lives so far away, but hopefully we can make Canton our Annual Trip.


You know, I think one of the hardest things about blogging for me is that I don't ever want to come across as ------> Hey, look at me or Hey, my life is perfect or Hey, I'm talking about "this" or "that" and totally forgetting about all of the other people in this world that are suffering...
because how can I forget?

I have things that weigh heavy on my heart.  Daily.  ...but I feel so darn helpless.

I have a grandfather that had a stroke in 2008 and suffered major damage.  He can no longer talk or write.  He now lives with my aunt in Austin.  What an angel she is? The task that she and her husband have taken on to care for him is just so selfless and gracious.  I'm thankful for them as well.
It is painful to visit him.  It breaks my heart because I know he has so much to say, but can't.  
I rarely visit and feel so guilty about it, but I just can't even .... Since I've been married...we are so busy raising our kids and following all of our "other kids" at their sporting events....but that is no excuse and I know it.  It just makes me sad.  I know he would want us to visit more often...

Then I have the sweetest, most faithful cousin who has a baby (well, he will be 2 this September)  that is suffering from Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS).  He is on the waiting list for a heart transplant.  The journey they have been on is just so unbelievable.  I can't even wrap my head around it.  She just powers through each day.  She has at times had to be away from her two older boys and also her husband.  I would say I don't know how she does it...but I do ... because I know without a doubt that she and I believe in the same God.  The God that is capable of miracles.  I see pictures of that sweet, precious boy and I think ---- He will live.  He is a strong, courageous fighter.
I care about him and I pray for him....but a part of me feels guilty because I have not had the privilege to meet him in person.  When they have been to town we have missed each other...
and I have not made time to plan a visit.  
 I feel guilty and selfish.  
I know I have good intentions and that I am doing the best I can...just like anyone else, but still....

To have such a close family while I was growing up.... what has happened? Is this normal? Do you just grow up and family members begin to go their separate ways 
and grow their own families? 
Or am I just way too busy? 

I feel unbelievably thankful for my family's good health.  
It makes me sad to think of all the suffering in not only my family, but in yours.  
Suffering is so rampant and unfair...
but in those when God wants us to trust Him the most.

My heart is heavy and thankful at the same time.

I hope my family knows that I think of them often.  All of them.  
Even ones that I have not mentioned here...

I pray for your well-being...and for blessings to be poured upon your lives.


Well, this post started as one thing and then completely took a life of it's own....
thank you for reading....if you made it all the way to here.  

I really want to be funny and uplifting....but today I have found myself being serious and a little sad. 
I apologize...I just have a lot on my heart 
and I don't want to be fake....
Life isn't always rainbows and butterflies.

I am happy and so thankful for many things..., but there are many people that cross my mind daily that are struggling...and I want them to know that they are not forgotten whether I'm cheering at a football game, vacationing with my family or sitting on my couch watching one of the seasons of Gilmore Girls for the 10th time....they are on my hearts.  

The One with My Blog Designer - Designs by Kassie

Looking for a blog designer??? I have worked with Kassie of Designs by Kassie twice now and I love her work!! She is absolutely helpful, innovative and patient! :) She works hard to make your blog look EXACTLY how you want to!!

Thanks, Kassie!!!

Check out her work HERE

The One with My Insta-Sale Preview

A preview of a few things that will be listed on my first Insta-Sale...

Leather Bomber Jacket // babyGap // Size 5 years
Starting bid - $3.00

Gray Tennis Shoes // Under Armour // Size 12
Starting bid - $3.00 

Just FYI -
 needed to I used Google... :)
grAy is how it's spelled in America 
grEy is how it's spelled in England
"Is it grey or gray?" is likely one of the most frequently asked questions in regards to common misspellings, however there are many other commonly misspelled words related to regional differences. In most cases American spellings seem to be a bit more phonetic. Here's a handy chart.

Gold sequined top // New & Never Worn! // POL // Size L
Starting bid - $5.00

Insta-Sale starts Tuesday, July 22nd.

I have over 60 items I will be listing!
And of course if you are local we can arrange a pickup - no shipping costs!