Friday, July 25, 2014

Good News Friday {#7}

Happy Friday! 

What a day! I've been running around my house going back and forth between work projects and home projects.  I have to make a To Do List for the day and set a timer or else my day can get away from me.  Plus, I feel as though I suffer a little from adult attention deficit disorder.. :) 
Every time (which seems often) I hear Jonah saying --- Look, a squirrel!  --- I giggle and then remember my 5 year old son will not understand his own joke :) 

On to the real part of this post::: 

I started this series ~ Good News Friday ~ because all throughout the week I hear terribly, sad news.
I honestly try avoid the news because I just can't take it. 
I depend on Jason to keep me up to date on current news and avoid the rest!

Here is a clip of Candace Cameron Bure talking about being a submissive wife and her book, Balancing it All.

She is one of my favorites.  
I admire her for being a celebrity and standing up for what she believes in.  



I will be participating in a blog hop on August 5th!


Our August Link Party will be on Monday, August 11th...

Hope you can join us!

Well, I better go.  My husband is calling...he says it's Date Night!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!



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