Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The One with the Teepee

I cannot believe what happened today!

No longer can I say...I never win anything....

today I won a teepee!!!!

I follow Dolly and Frances on Instagram and I heart their Etsy Shop....
Last week my Mom sent me a text telling me that they were having a giveaway....

Of course, I signed right up because I've had plans to purchase one 
for Olivia's room in the near future...
I went on about my vacation and today I received an alert on Instagram that 
little ol' me was the winner.
I could not believe it.
I feel so lucky and blessed.
I'm so grateful for giveaways....

If you don't follow them....go for it.  They make the most adorable teepees EVER!
Can't wait to see mine....


In other news...I am so happy to be HOME!
We had a lot of fun on our vacation...but it's always good to come home.
I will edit pics and try to do a post of our trip soon.



My friend, Ginger, over @ Redhead Ramblings wrote this wonderful post with a new plan called - Project - Pat on the Back.
Read's so good.

Today, my Pat on the Back goes to Bo and Hayley Helm.  They are gracious and willing to help anyone and everyone.
We are so grateful for them taking care of our doggies, Winston & Tripp, while we were away.
We appreciate you guys sooooo very much!!