Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday's Top 5 {#16}

It's here...another week! Did you have a fabulous weekend? Yes?!?Well, let's make the week just as fabulous, shall we????

Here we Top 5 for this rainy (praise the Lord) Monday!

1) Fitness Inspiration


2) Clothing Inspiration

I am by no means crafty.  So this pin is truly for all of you talented women that actually have the patience and talent to do this.  
I thought it was so cute.
They say it's easy on the website.  Let me know.  I will just be here still taking all of my stuff to Mary Alice, my seamstress friend.  She's good people.

3) Life Inspiration

    This. Right. Here.

4) Nail Inspiration

My current new obsession: Jamberry Nails
OMG...I can't wait to get my order so I can start trying all of these designs out! Have you tried them?
I'm having a party soon... Stay Tuned :)

5) Funny Inspiration

Now you ALL know that I like to make the most out of my Mondays...but this is still funny to me! all of you croc lovers (aka my husband) I still love you!


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Happy Monday!



  1. I got my first Jamberrys not too long ago. I do like them, I just don't always have the patience to apply them!

    1. It did take some time last night...but I hope with practice I will get faster/better....