Saturday, September 28, 2013

The One Where I Tell You About Stitch Fix

Have you heard of Stitch Fix? Well, let me tell you about it! It is a personal styling service.  You sign up for a free account and then fill out your profile. 
A stylist picks our 5 clothing and accessory items to send you.  They charge a $20 to your card that will be added as a credit to your order. 
You receive your box and have 3 days to pick out what you want or don't want. 
If you keep all 5 items you get 25% off.  If you don't want to keep any of the items you will only be charged the $20 styling fee....that otherwise would've been a credit.  They also pay for shipping BOTH ways!
So easy.  So fun.  So cute.
I received my first fix this week.  It was like having a Christmas surprise waiting for me to open. 

I was so excited to come home to this box!

These are some of the items in my box....

My 5th item was a pair of black, skinny jeans that I did not take a picture of...but they were great!!

If you love clothes, are too busy to shop or just want to try something new....try out Stitch Fix!
It did not disappoint!!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I believe it’s time to write a post about our beloved dog, Winston.  His full name is Sir Winston Charles Henry Peabody.  Santa delivered him to the kids at Christmas in 2010.  He is the cutest little dog, but boy does he bark and RUN AWAY!  His nickname is Houdini.  When we moved into our new house he discovered lots of ways to get out.  After many escapes we covered up all of his holes, but just last week he began digging to get out.  We have got to step up our game!  We are lucky enough to live in a small town with a ton of generous people that have gone out of their way to rescue him.  Today I would like to tell a few stories and thank those people.
·         There are a few people that have called us that I do not remember their name.  One kind lady lived near the football field.
·         Beverly Rodriguez and her family who live clear across town by Sonic took care of Winston after he followed them home.  We were out of town at a baseball game and they cared for him until we got back home.  I remember she said her son told her that it was Coach Sims’ dog and to take good care of him.  I thought that was sweet.
·         Jenny Jo Barker has called us a couple times to let us know he was visiting at the bank.  She said he just came inside and laid around while they worked. 
·         In one week alone we got calls from the funeral home, the courthouse, the bank and the fire department.  He wouldn’t stay in one place long enough for us to capture him. 
·         He has visited several of our neighbors who have captured and returned him for us including Susan Gibson, Coach Bo Helm & his wife Hayley and Chris & Angie Andrews.  The day he went to the Helm’s he must’ve just wanted to visit our old home.  The afternoon he went to the Andrews’ house Chris was cooking some good smelling food on his smoker and luckily Winston ran right up to him.
·         Not too long ago Winston was gone for almost three days.  This was the longest he had been gone.  Jason found him at the vet.  This time the gate was left open by a worker that had been at our house so fortunately we didn’t have to pay or go before the judge.  Kim Callaway was so nice to check on us and make sure we found him.
·         Bubba Thomas has also had the pleasure of dealing with Winston.  One day he saw Jason out chasing him and he stopped to help catch him and fix the gate.  Another day our doorbell rang and we opened it to find Bubba standing there with Winston.  That’s when I decided we were gonna need to make some goodie bags to hand out to all of the people that bring Winston back home.  
·         I think that was the same day that Jaime Mathews called her sister Jenny Jo to see if we had found him.  That was sweet of her to check on him.
·         Brandi Leija and her family are no strangers to Winston either.  When she worked at US Cellular she called when she saw him taking a little stroll downtown.  Another day Winston followed the Cross Country team to their house and Marcus Leija and Matthew Day brought him home.  Just the other night our doorbell rang after we were in bed and it was Cody Bodine and Landin Leija bringing him home.  Winston had escaped on his birthday and stayed out way too late.  Little party animal. 
We are so grateful for EACH and EVERY ONE of YOU!!!!  If I have forgotten someone I am very sorry.  I should have been writing all of this down…