Sunday, December 20, 2015

The One with 36 Things...

I love birthdays.  I keep wondering if I will ever start dreading them... I hope I never do.

Today is my 36th birthday and I wanted to share
36 things I have learned so far in this blessed life...

1.  If your kids are mad at you...don't worry, you are doing something right.
Being a good parent means you're probably going to make your kids mad more often than you would like.

2.  Life is too short to dread Mondays.
Pick a job that you enjoy.  
Don't let money be a reason that you stay in a job you hate.
Trust that God will take care of you.

3.  Do not chase boys/men.
The sooner you stop doing this and wait for a worthy man to pursue you, the sooner you will realize how worthy you are.  

4.  Have an extra makeup bag for your office.  
You never know when you might want a touch up.

5.  Your children need love in different ways.  Figure out what makes each child feel loved and fill up their love tanks the best you can.

6.  If you find yourself having trouble staying off of your phone while driving.... put it in the passenger floorboard.  
Then it won't be within reach.

7.  Say No sometimes and don't feel like you have to explain yourself.  
Be comfortable saying No.

8.  Men are not mind readers.  
In order for them to know what you want, you must tell them.

9.  Be a low maintenance friend.

10.  Giving the Silent Treatment will never solve anything.

11.  Give others grace.

12.  When your gas tank falls below 1/2 full, 
go ahead and fill up.  Then you won't have to hurry and get gas before work or school.
...Or coast into some place on fumes and a prayer.

13.  Choose Joy.
Don't think others are going to make you happy.
Create your own happiness by choosing joy.

14.  When raising kids, it's much easier
 to loosen up the reigns later than to try and tighten them up later.

15.  Embrace your quirks and your weirdness.  
That is what makes you YOU.  Don't try to be somebody else.  
Just be the best you that you can.

16.  Be kind to everyone, 
but choose to spend your precious time with others 
that fill your life with joy and happiness.  
Don't waste your time with people that drain you.

17.  Give give give give give...  
and then give some more.

18.  Have expectations for your kids, but no one else!
Expectations will only cause heartache.

19.  When trying to answer the dreaded, 
"Where do you want to eat?" question... 
You pick a place and your spouse picks a place. 
 Using the alphabet, the name of the place that comes first is Heads and the other is Tails.  Now flip a coin, any coin will do.  Winner is the place you shall eat at.  You're welcome.

20.  The Truth Shall Set You Free...
Always speak the truth in love.

21.  Hide Scripture in your heart.  
Being able to pull these up in your thoughts
when you need them most will lead to more peace in your world.

22.  The only one still talking about your past is stop.  
Let it go.

23.  Your house may never be perfect.  Invite people over anyway.  True friends are there to see you, not your home.

24.  Silence is golden.  
The less you say, the less trouble you can get into.  

25.  No one can ever take your education away.
Learn as much as you can.

26.  Don't settle.  
Wait for the guy that sees you through the eyes of God.

27.  It's fun to experiment with new recipes, but always have a handful of ones that are easy to throw together and still delicious.
Something for that potluck or for the family that just had a baby...
and of course a yummy dessert.

28.  Make your bed each morning.
Trust me, just do it.

29.  Do not under any circumstances forget to take a day just for you every once in a while.
 You deserve it.

30.  and for the love of everything holy, 
please do Date Night with your spouse at least once a month.
You won't regret it.

31.  Don't buy things because they are "cute" or "cheap"...only buy stuff you love.  
Surround yourself with only things you love and get rid of the rest.

32.  If you want to be a rebel, when you begin a new book read the last page first.

33.  Don't just blow your paychecks.  
10% tithe, 20% savings, 70% spending
and for when you get real on one spouse's paycheck and put the other one in savings.

34.  When you mess up, admit it.  
Don't blame others or point out others' mistakes.
Own your mistakes and learn from them.

35.  Never forget your love story.
Save old photos, text messages, etc.
Read them from time to time and remember the person you fell in love with.  Remember your story and always treat them how you did in the beginning.

36.  If you want to wear a tiara on your birthday, do it.
It's your day.


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