Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Birthday Tribute...a day later.

 Yesterday was my A-Mazing husband’s birthday! Personally, I love birthdays! I think they should be holidays and I think balloons, tiaras/crowns and cake should always be involved! ….but that’s just me.  My husband enjoys the more low key kind of a birthday and since I know how important it is to honor his wishes…I keep the celebrating to a minimum.  (I did come up with a plan to have a surprise birthday for HIM next year on MY birthday….that way I can be like…What? It’s my birthday...I can do what I want, right? sshhhh!)

Pappy and Meemaw
One of the things I love about him is that he is such a family man.  His Meemaw and Pappy were extremely dear to him and I truly hate that I did not have the opportunity to meet them.  To hear him tell stories is just magical…you can feel the adoration, love and respect he has for them.  I have them to thank for so many attributes of his.  I am so proud of him and I know that they would be so pleased with the man he is today.  He has such a big heart and cares so much for his mom and his sister.  It’s sweet to see him be so protective of his family.  He has also welcomed Olivia and Jonah into his world as they did him and none of them even skipped a beat.  He is so good to them.  I am thankful to have him in this life to help raise these sweet kids with.  I pray we teach them the best we can.
Three special women in Jason's life ~ his mom, Darlene; his sister, Erleigh and his Meemaw

Jason and Olivia after ice skating at Dallas Galleria

Jason Football and Jonah after winning the Heisman ;)

Jason and Meemaw after the Archer City Ladycats
won the Basketball State Championship Game
 in 2004
Quanah Sports Banquet 2012
Photo Credit: DeLong Digital

Coach Sims in his element!
Photo Credit: DeLong Digital

Happy Birthday, Baby! I hope it was wonderful! I can’t wait to celebrate many more with you!!

I love you!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year. New You. New Me. New Everybody.

Alright.  Here comes the usual “let’s reminisce about last year and this is what I wanna do this year” post… I’m going to keep it short because in all honesty,  I am only posting this now on January15th so I can cross it off of my mental to do list.  It is haunting me, but first…some truth.

I have wanted to blog for a while.  I finally put one together and I find it hard to sit down and write a post.  I enjoy writing and sharing, but lately I find myself moving it to the bottom of my priority list. 

I have gotten used to posting bits and pieces in 140 characters and this blog thing is quite a change.  Having the discipline to sit down and write is not something I have accomplished.  Instead, I think why do that when I can tweet or post on Facebook? But alas, I am not a fancy writer that blogs for a living,it’s just for fun. 

Until today, I had been feeling guilty about it, but no more. There’s too much to do and life is supposed to be fun! I’ve decided I am not going to get upset if weeks go by and I don’t post.  I will just be content with knowing my blog is there if I ever get the urge to sit down and write.  No more of the haunting thoughts of…. “You haven’t posted in ___ weeks!” or “You seriously need to blog.” Instead I am just going to be myself and keep enjoying this beautiful life God has blessed me with.  I’m going to live in the present. 

In the continuing theme of just being myself…I will give you a short update of what I have been doing.  Mostly, just spending time with my family and trying to soak up every second I have with them.  We practically hibernated during the holidays and it was so awesome.  Five days went by and I didn’t even know it! We played board games, watched movies, put together puzzles, ate some yummy food and just enjoyed our time together.  It was pure bliss!

For my birthday, we spent the day at the Texas High School Football State Championship Games in Arlington at Cowboys Stadium and it was Birthday Heaven! We ended the day with a romantic dinner, one of my favorite things to enjoy with my man. It was such a good day! 

The next day we got to spend some time with my parents and the kids at the Dallas Galleria.  We took Olivia ice skating and she loved it! We enjoyed a yummy lunch at Sweetie Pie’s, downtown Decatur.  Yum. Go there for some good home cooking if you are ever in the area!

Family.  I miss my family.  I get so nostalgic as I drive down the red, brick streets in Childress.  Memories of summers spent with cousins, my parents, brother and I all being at the same place, my grandparents, holidays….. I wished my parents lived closer tous.  Enjoy your family and hug your kids every chance you get because moments become memories before you know it!

Today, I start what I hope to be my final year of grad school. So goodbye TV and reading for fun and hello textbooks and deadlines! Let’sdo this.

I will leave you with what I started with….

Some of My Top Moments from 2012

1)    Gotengaged – January 27th
2)    Confetti War and Mom getting sprayed with awater hose by Dad - Easter Sunday
3)    Women’sRetreat in Matador, Tx
4)    OurFairytale Wedding Day and Amazing Honeymoon in Napa Valley & San Francisco,CA
5)    CoachingSchool in San Antonio, TX
6)    QuanahIndian Football Season
7)    Fourthof July, 1st Day of School, Fall Fest, making s’mores, playing  board games, bowling and many other fantasticmemories with the kids
8)    Lanceand Rachel’s Wedding
9)    OurGetaway to OKC
10)  Spending my birthday atCowboys Stadium watching championship football games

What I love themost about the New Year is all of the promise it brings.  We make resolutions, vow to make changes andbecome the best version of ourselves.  It’sa time where we can leave our mistakes and weaknesses in the past.  We get a new beginning.  (The really beautiful thing is that we getthat chance every morning…but that’s another post J)

Goals for 2013

1)    Iwant to unsubscribe to all of those junk emails.  I know to some this will seem ridiculous andtime consuming when I can just continue to hit delete, but I’m on a mission totake back control of my Inbox.
2)    Graduate

Andthen the usual suspects…

3)    Eathealthier and drink more H2O
4)    Organizeour home
5)    Loseweight
6)    Bemore consistent with my quiet time

This yearhowever, I’m not going to try to do everything at once.  I am just going to tackle one project/goal ata time and then do one step at a time for each goal.  I am not Super Woman.  Even if some days I feel like I need to be orelse how am I going to get everything done. I’ve learned that way of thinking is not good and it’s not even what Godexpects or wants from me.  He wants me tospend time with Him and to trust Him that things are going to get done just howthey should.  My To Do List andpriorities may not match His.  What Ithink is most important may not be what I need to be focusing on.  If I remember the most important thing isfocusing on Him, everything else will take care of itself. 

Until next time…