Thursday, July 31, 2014

Things I Learned in July...

1) When taking the dog to the vet.... you might as well forget about the coffee, because it will be EVERYWHERE.  Winston is no problem taking to the vet and traveling in the car.  Now, Tripp on the other hand, not so much.  This is how he rode to the vet a couple of weeks ago.

Right behind me...

 or on top of the dash.

2) I'm sure this lesson is for any time.... but when you are a new homeowner and your bank sends you a check that they claim is an overage that you paid, Don't Buy It!!  Hang onto that money because when they find their error you will have to send it back.  Just hope it's not after you receive a letter in the mail about a tax lien on your property.  We were like whaaa???? Fortunately, the bank fixed the problem on their end...and we only have to pay back a portion of the $ they sent us.  

3) It's only when you are having the most amazing, wonderful sleep will your new puppy wake you up to go outside.  Every.  Time.  

4) I am reading "The Longest Ride" by Nicholas Sparks and on page 321 it says... "I can no longer open a jar of jelly; I have the cashier at the supermarket do it before she slips it into the bag." 
Now that right there is a genius tip.  I hope when I'm older and my hands are too weak to open my jelly or peanut mind will still be good enough to remember this piece of advice.  Genius.  

5) Those of you that know my husband know that he is a wonderful storyteller.  I love his stories.  He has these crazy, heartfelt, could never happen in a million years stories ... stuff that needs to go into a book.... He is a words guy and he loves history and football and can get off onto politics in a nano second.... 

We have been together for the past 3 years and I have loved every minute of it.  During our time together I have listened to lots of stories...I have seen 100s of plays drawn up and explained....I have learned about defenses and offenses...I have listened to techniques, ideas & different philosophies regarding politics, religion, sports & life in general.  I have heard sweet, romantic compliments and encouragements.  I have learned many things.  I have been intrigued.  I have blushed.  I have always been able to give my 2 cents and he listens to my every word.  

...but last night I learned something very important.

We were in bed and it was kind of late.  I put down my Nicholas Sparks book and muttered something about ugh that book...because of course, I had just finished a sad part...and I was emotional about it.  He turned out the light and asked me what was going on in my book.  I asked him...Do you really want to know? and he said... yeah, the short version.  

I said... after all the times I have asked you 1 question and have gotten a 30 minute want the short version? 
He said well, you never asked me for the short version.  Hahahahaha I said...well, I didn't know that was an option!  

I do now.  

We laughed so hard about this.  

Marriage is the best.  You learn new things everyday.  You grow together and change for the better.  You come to know your spouse better than they know themselves.  You protect your marriage with prayer, common sense and an ever growing love.  

I love him and the next time I'm sleepy, I'm going to be sure and ask for the short version.

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May 2012

I hope July was good to you.

Here's to an even better August.


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  1. Love!
    Marriage is the best!
    Stephanie Hightower

    1. Yay! No more anonymous! It is the best, huh? I'm sure you can teach me a few things :)

  2. that is precious! I love hearing stuff like that. Oh by the way, I just took my pups to the vet last Monday to get their nails clipped. I'm pretty sure I lost 10 pounds in sweat just from having to hold them still. Seriously! haha.

    1. thank you! hahahaha maybe i should look at it as a good way to burn some calories ...