Saturday, July 5, 2014

The One with the Trip to Gigi's

This is my summer's picture of happiness.

After not being in a swimsuit for 2 years....I bought a new one and embraced my flaws and spent some time swimming with my children.

It was bliss.

My mom called and was talking about how much she missed the I rearranged plans...and took off to visit her for a few days.

The kids had so much fun.  
I think Mom had a little bit of fun too....

My parents have this swing in their backyard and the kids spent lots of time swinging.

We went to the track to walk and Jonah caught a grasshopper.

Olivia loved on my parent's dog, Lila.

Jonah also caught a frog in my parent's backyard the next day.

He's 100% All-American Boy....

Then we met up with my brother and sister-in-love and went swimming!

Uncle Thad

We had the best time!! I'm so glad that we went to visit!! this is random...but when you visit your parents are there certain glasses that you use....that just makes it feel like home?

These are the ones that the kids and I usually pick from their cabinet.

 I hope you all are having a lovely Fourth of July Weekend!