Friday, July 18, 2014

The One with My First Insta-Sale!

Well, it is that time again.  Time that I go through all of the kids' clothes (and a few of mine) and sell the ones that no longer fit... Time to get ready for that annual School Shopping Trip!
This year instead of selling them on Ebay I thought 
I would give an Insta-Sale a try...
so starting Tuesday, July 22 my sale will start and last until Tuesday, July 29th.

If you want in on the sale, follow my new IG account!


Today, my Pat on the Back goes to Jason Sims! He works hard everyday to take care of our family.  Today was no exception ---- our yard looks so awesome because of him.  
Jason, I enjoy each and everyday with you.
Thank you so much for loving us!!!



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