Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday {#4}

Here is another edition of What I Wore Wednesday....

If I can be real for a minute... 
this outfit right here is what I'd rather be wearing everyday.
....but I know that's not a good idea, so I'm trying :)

Comfy black pants - Walmart
Comfy shirt - Jason's
Flip flops - Old Navy

Thursday - work, NFL Draft

This outfit makes me want to yawn!

Shirt - J. Crew
Tank - Old Navy
Jeans - The Loft
Shoes - Target

Nail Polish - OPI Big Apple Red

Friday - work, T-Ball game

...and I will never wear this again.  The grey and brown look terrible together.  I do like my new shoes though.... I had ordered something online from Target and I needed to spend $15 more dollars to get free of course the only logical thing was to find some shoes, right? 

Cardigan - Walmart
Shirt - Blackburn's
Jeans - Walmart
Shoes - Target (new)
Earrings - gift from my cousin, Rachel


I guess this is the only picture I took that day.  This was before I went to work makeup :)
After that I made breakfast and then spent 7 hours deep cleaning our house.  Fun!
Then my parents came to town, yay!!!

Sunday - Mother's Day, church and Mimi's house for lunch

Cardigan - J. Crew
Favorite black shirt - Amelia's Fashion Exchange
Jeans - The Loft
Shoes - Target
Clutch - Ballyhoo

Monday - work, QHS Sports Banquet

Olivia said --- Act crazy!

This outfit needs a necklace....

Cardigan - TJ Maxx
Favorite black shirt - Amelia's Fashion Exchange
Jeans - The Loft
Shoes - Target

Olivia's Outfit

Shirt - Target
Shorts - JCPenney
Shoes - Zulily
Headband - The Children's Place

Jonah's Outfit
 Shirt - one of his beloved Batman t-shirts
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Nike
Green Accessory - some toy that makes Star Wars noises

My handsome date for the sports banquet.  I'm a lucky girl.

Dress - Stage ($20!)

Tuesday - work, QJH Sport Banquet

Cardigan - J. Crew
Shirt - J. Crew
Jeans - The Loft
Shoes - Old Navy
Watch - Michael Kors

My hair is soooo thick and it took forever to curl.   I wasn't happy with it though because by the time I curled the top section...the back was pretty much straight.  I went with it anyway.  

Cardigan - Walmart
Dress - Ross ($16!)
Belt - JCPenney
Shoes - Petite Sophisticate

The oldest pair of shoes I own....14 years.  I bought them when I was a manager at Petite Sophisticate while in college.

I couldn't resist posting this hilarious picture of some of my husband's coaches.  The junior high boys were so funny when they presented these shirts.  
On the left is Coach Olson and his shirt says -- #1 Coach
On the right is Coach Helm and his shirt says -- When I grow up I want to be Coach Olson
Bahahahahaha.  Classic.  Good job, kids!

These are just two of the many coaches that make my husband's job easier and better!!

I appreciate their wives for being so supportive and being such awesome coach's wives!!!

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  1. You have such a great sandal collection~ & I love that dress from Ross!!