Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday {#3}

Oh my goodness you guys.  This week was not great as far as my clothes go.  I had every intention of laying my clothes out for the week on Sunday or at least the night before, but that did not happen.  I did lay out the kids outfits on Sunday for the week and that helped our mornings a little bit.  With the exception of the fit Jonah threw on Tuesday morning because he wanted to wear his long sleeved Batman shirt instead.  It's hard to explain to a 5 year old that it's going to be 93 degrees.  {Thank you, Texas} We found one of the short sleeved ones and were good to go.

We are so busy these days...just like each of you I know.  Sometimes I think that there are just not enough hours in the day.

...and then I remember this... 

Photo is from @socialclubok (Instagram)
They are a Shop & Salon in Norman, Oklahoma.
Check them out at

Ha! If only I had an entourage to help me out.  

This week I would be so tired I would fall into my bed and then hit snooze more times than I would like to admit.  

Without further ado,

Thursday - work.

Chambray shirt - Old Navy
Jeans - The Loft
Shoes - Toms
Scarf - Old Navy
Watch - Michael Kors
Earrings - gift from my friend, Maryam

I like to make weird, funny faces.  It helps me embrace the selfies.

I love these shoes...super comfy.

I can't even remember what I wore last Friday and there is no picture to show of that day.

We went to a baseball playoff game in Wichita Falls (great season, Indians) and then we came back home to help chaperone prom.
I don't wear dresses often and I had trouble deciding what to wear to prom.  I didn't want to look like I was going to prom myself, but I also didn't want to look like I was going to Walmart.

So I picked this dress.

Dress - J. Crew
Cardigan - Walmart
Shoes - DSW
Necklace - Lisa Leonard Designs
Watch - Michael Kors 
I took it off before we left...felt like it was too much
Bracelet - Wrist Soiree

The first time I wore this dress I was actually in my brother's wedding.  I was also 8 months pregnant with Jonah.  So that gives you an idea....I barely fit into this maternity dress. ...and I'm sharing that with you.  I obviously have no shame.

I also...wore this dress on the night Jason proposed to me.  It was a little big on me that night though. :) 

This is a blurry shot...but these are the shoes I wore.  

These are my wedding shoes.  I'm so glad I can still wear them from time to time.

Shoes - DSW

Here is my handsome husband.  
This is what he wore to chaperone the prom.

These were my jewels I wore.
My favorite wedding ring and my Amelia bracelet.

Bracelet - @wristsoiree
You can find her on Instagram.  Beautiful pieces.

Buy Amelia bracelet here... (It's on sale!!!!)

Sunday - church
Our church is pretty laid-back and sometimes (most of the time) I wear jeans.
The shirt has tiny stars on it.  It looks kinda too long on me, but it was comfy.

Star Shirt - Old Navy (new)
Jeans - Walmart
Shoes - Target

Monday - work

The picture is really blurry....but this I just threw on because I had 10 minutes to put myself together.  

Cardigan - Ann Taylor (from my Mama)
Tank - I can't remember the brand.  
It was from my Mama,
she is always giving me clothes.
Jeans - The Loft
Shoes - Old Navy

Tuesday - work

Well, I did not take a picture today....but I wore this exact outfit.
This is a picture from last week.  The only difference is my hair was in a ponytail.  

Wednesday (today) - work

I have got to start getting up earlier.... Today I just threw this on and it is so wrinkled.  No time to iron or fluff in the dryer.  I just put it on and hoped that the wrinkles would "fall out."

Cardigan - JCPenney
Tank - Walmart maybe? from my Mama
Jeans - J. Jill
Shoes - Old Navy
Watch - Michael Kors

Nothing inspiring here, folks.
....but you can find some inspiring outfits over at The Pleated Poppy.  Link up with Lindsey!
I'm needing some inspiration so I'm going to check out those links and Pinterest.


  1. I love your wedges int he first outfit! Excited to host the link up with you next week!

    1. Thank you, thank you!! I have enjoyed those.
      I am excited too!!!

  2. We have the same chambray shirt from Old Navy :) love your TOMS wedges!!

    1. I bet it looks cute on you!! my TOMS!

  3. OK, SO many things I LOVE about this post....1)you lay your kids outfits out - BRILLIANT (I've thought about it AND that's as far as it's gotten!!) 2) your son is JUST like mine - throws a fit over what he is or isn't wearing 3) you mix hi-lo (j crew dress with a walmart cardi) 4) THOSE SHOES - nuff said

    1. You are precious! Thank you for ALL of your kind words!! :) I hope you have a great Friday!