Thursday, May 15, 2014

The One with the 8th Birthday...

Last night I started preparing for my baby girl's 8th Birthday! 
Time sure does fly.

I am so excited to get to celebrate Olivia Kate today.

She is precious to me and I love her  so much!

This morning she kept opening her bedroom door and then running back to her bed because she knew I wasn't quite ready yet.... and she wanted me to "wake" her up.

She woke up to balloons on her door...

and presents on the table.

Pink sprinkle donuts for the birthday girl!

She had three gifts to from each of us.

First up, is Jason's gift.

A sweet card and $$ to use at the American Girl Doll Store.

Next up is Mommy's gift...

A Lenny & Eva bracelet from Ballyhoo Gifts and Espresso Cafe.

And lastly, Jonah's gift...


Today as an 8 year old she is the girl that...

  • loves being a girly girl and playing dress up in Mommy's closet
  • always surprises us with her wit
  • can light up a room
  • is still a very picky eater
  • has ridden an elephant
  • loves, loves, loves American Girl Dolls
  • her favorite treat is ice cream
  • she only likes to be outside if it's cool or if there is a swimming pool nearby
  • she's moved on from Play Dates to Sleep Overs
  • loves to play with her doll houses
  • her brother is one of her best friends
  • loves hugs
  • is very polite, quiet, smart, beautiful and sweet
  • loves to sing and dance
  • writes her own songs and then sings them for us
  • journals about Jesus and her best friends 
  • life with her feels like you are on Broadway

Birthday Selfies in the car...

with our sweet friend, Aspen...

There was also balloons in the car...but the kids took them out.  
They released the balloons in the back yard before we left for school.

Olivia Kate, you are my shining star.  You made me a Mom and I will always remember the moment I held you in my arms for the first time.  You changed my life forever.

I hope you know how beautiful and special you are!

Everyone just loves and adores you...

I love you to the moon and back!!!!!!


  1. She is adorable & that bracelet is absolutely gorgeous~