Saturday, May 24, 2014


Something wonderful happened this morning..... I got to sleep in until 12:21 p.m.  I can't remember the last time that happened.  I have been crazy busy and this sleep was much needed.  I'm usually always up fairly early on a Saturday, but not today :)

Another rare thing happened today....we were home all day! We had absolutely nothing to do.  I used the time to get caught up on home stuff.  I worked on our budget.  I still needed to "close out" April's budget on our Mint account and catch up on this month's budget.  Then I cleaned out our fridge and pantry.  I made a menu for the week and then made my grocery list.  The kids and I went grocery shopping and since I had done our budget I knew exactly how much money I had for groceries this week.  

It's little things like this that help me as the busy week gets here.  When I make the time to do these home things like keeping up with our budget and menu planning....I feel like I'm running the day instead of the day running me.  

We have been enjoying some glorious rain.  Thank you, Lord!

This boy is now officially a Kindergartner!!!
I can hardly believe it....

Two of my favorite guys...

These two go way since they were in diapers!
Bella, one of Jonah's sweetest friends, will also be a Kindergartner next year...

Only Gigi can send birthday packages filled with lots of confetti :)

Oh...guess who is going to see the Browns play this fall? This girl!! Jason bought us tickets to go watch them play the Saints in September.  

He also ordered a new Manziel jersey and has been patiently waiting for it.....I'm talking... checking the mailbox every single day....and he never checks the mail!
When it finally came in...I was the one to find it in the mailbox so I thought it would be fun to make a little scavenger hunt around the house instead of just handing it to him.  He loved it :)

One of my favorite things is cutting flowers from my very own yard and bringing them inside to enjoy.  Here is a beautiful white rose from our front yard! :) 
Happy - Happy - Happy

Also,,,,, one of my Love Languages is Affirmation
 and Jason does a great job at fulfilling that for me....
I love this framed chalkboard I bought from Poppy Tree Frames!
....but I love his sweet messages more!!!

Don't forget our Link Parties that are coming up!
The next one will be June 9th...get your favorite summer recipes ready!

Happy Weekend, friends!