Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The One with Encouraging Our Children

Raising our children is something that we only get one shot at.  At our house I feel like I am at times more of a Drill Sargent than a Mommy.  We are so busy running around I find myself saying Hurry Up or Let's go, let's go, let's go.... Or the limited time we are at home it's do your homework, eat your supper, take your bath, brush your teeth, read a book, go to bed...... Boom, Boom, Boom.  
I try to be conscious of this.  I try to let them linger and let them enjoy their play time in the backyard or doing imaginary play.  They are only little once.

They are so precious.  I look at their sweet faces and I think I can't believe you won't be little forever.  Time passes so fast.

I feel like 85% of the time I'm a pretty good Mama....

I try to teach them to be kind.  I teach them scripture.  I try to let them be kids while also teaching them life lessons that will benefit them later on in life.  I try to teach them manners and responsibility.  I try to teach them how important school and a good education are.  I show them love and tell them that's the Greatest Commandment...

but that 15% -  I let life get things all crazy and I don't react in the best way.  I raise my voice to make a point.  I rush them.  I get distracted by emails and social media.  I criticize instead of encourage.

Oh how I wish I would encourage 100% of the time.  
I think that is so powerful.

A friend of mine on Facebook shared this post from Hands Free Mama and it is so good.  Just a good reminder on how to use encouragement towards our little ones....even our older ones benefit more from encouragement than anything else!!! :)

I have seen the book, "Hands Free Mama," floating around....I think it will be my next purchase.  I also want to add her blog to my list on Bloglovin'!!! Such good posts.


In our small town yesterday there was a horrible accident that involved one of our young boys.  As a mama, I just can't imagine how heartbreaking it must be to learn that your child has been injured or in pain.  Fortunately, he is doing well and resting before he has to have another surgery this week.
I am so proud of his friends and teammates that
 took great care of him.  

Prayers are being said just for you, Austin!  
We hope you feel better real soon!!!


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