Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

These two right here...well, they make my world go round.  
They are my two little treasures.
I am so blessed to be called their Mama.

Circus 2014

One of my most favorite gifts to get are these little homemade cards where they have to answer questions.  The answers are always so cute and make me laugh.  

On Wednesday, when I picked Jonah up from Ms. Angie's Sonshine Preschool, he was so proud to give me my gift.  I read it out loud and he just smiled.  

My mommy is so smart.  She can watch Dancing with the Stars.
:) So smart.
My mommy looks pretty when she puts on her makeup.  
Hahahahahaha I'd better remember to keep putting that makeup on then.

When he gave that to me it reminded me of the precious card that Olivia game to me 3 years ago when she was going to Ms. Angie's.

How did God make your mom? 
He made her out of heart. 

Then on Friday I picked up Olivia from school and she gave me all of her things that she had made me.  She had been telling me all week that she had something special for me.

It is Mommy Facts.
My favorite is where it asks what I weigh and her answer is Who cares. 
Hahahahaha love it!!!

They both mentioned Dancing with the Stars....we love to watch that together...can you tell?

There will be so many times that you feel like you've failed, but in the eyes, heart and mind of your child - You are Super Mom.  
~ Stephanie Precourt

Happy Mother's Day!


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