Thursday, April 24, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday {#1} ...on a very late Thursday.

Today I am linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy.
The thought and time put into this post has been more than I anticipated or would like to admit.  I've been trying to get this posted for almost two days now.  On this particular post I have gone back and forth because I'm about to be vulnerable and post some terrible pictures.... of my sad, sad outfits!!
If you are not familiar with the blog - The Pleated Poppy ... go check it out.  Lindsey does a weekly post called What I Wore Wednesday where she posts pictures of her outfits from the past week.  She began this series as a way to get herself motivated to get dressed everyday and not stay in her sweats.  
I don't usually wear sweats, but my outfits are beyond sad these days.  I hardly put any thought into them. No style or creativity at all!!! What's funny about this... is that I love putting outfits together in my Polyvore app or pinning them in Pinterest.  My Dream Closet rocks!
Most days I find myself so busy the last thing I take time to do is put some effort into my wardrobe.
By starting these blog posts...I hope that changes soon.

Being the dedicated... or more like obsessed person I can be.... I went through and read ALL of Lindsey's What I Wore Wednesday posts....years of posts!!! I love to see where she started and where she is now.  I also love how she knows her style and enjoys wearing the things she loves often.  You don't need a huge wardrobe ... you just need to know what works for you! 

So before you scroll down and see these awful pictures.... let's point out what could be better...

1) the quality of the iPhone will have to do for now
2) the variety of backgrounds/scenes for my photos
3) better fitting clothes
4) a more pulled together look
5) figure out what exactly my style is!

just to name a few

Please bear with me folks.... I am just trying to get out of this style rut I have fallen in.  Don't even get me started on my hair and jewelry!!! :)

Alright here we go...

Oh real quick:::
Have you heard this before?

We only wear 20% 
of our clothes 
80% of the time.

Makes me think...I need to find items I love and get rid of the rest. for the outfits.

Thursday - work

Black cardigan - Walmart
Striped shirt - Stitch Fix
Jeans - J. Jill
Shoes - Target
Watch - Michael Kors
Earrings - Ballyhoo

Now this girl here....she does have style.  I love how she can throw things together and just look adorable.  I ask her all the time...Is it hard to be that cute? 

Vest - The Children's Place
Shirt - Gap Kids
Jeans - Target
Shoes - Zulily
Sass - Born with it

Good Friday - Wichita Falls 
This picture was taken at 6:something a.m.
People that are around me all the time know that I wear the same things over and over and over....and now all you folks will know.  Just stay tuned.

Striped Cardigan - Maurice's
Black shirt - one of my favorites!
(purchased at Amelia's Fashion Exchange in Waco....if you've never been...go the next time you drive through Waco...I love this little shop!)
Jeans - The Loft
Converse - DSW 

Here Jason and I are waiting (forever) for new tires for our truck.  It was a long morning!

Saturday - golf with the family
Yes, I golf in jeans.  I'm not a huge fan of shorts....  One day I will be brave again.
Not today.

Green button down - Calvin Klein
Tank - Target
Jeans - The Loft
Shoes - Target 

I usually wear golf shoes....but sometimes I just like to wear my sandals.  I enjoy golf a lot, but I am not a super serious golfer.  I just like to have fun!

Jason is wearing mostly Under Armour, except his shoes...which are Nike.

Easter Sunday - church to celebrate the Risen Saviour!
Oh my...I won't even begin to tell you about this outfit dilemma.  This was not the original dress I was going to wear....but I had to make it work at the last minute.  I know...not pretty.

Black Cardigan - Ann Taylor
Dress - Ross ($7) 
I'm more of a TJ Maxx girl...but I bought this when we went to WF on Friday.  
Boots - Walmart

Love her!!

Dress - Dillard's
Shoes - Payless

 Sunday - after church
I also bought several things at Old Navy on Friday.  I was inspired after reading all of Lindsey's blog posts.  I felt like the scarf was choking me...I will have to get used to it...
Even my kids were asking me why I was so dressed up.  
I'm telling ya wardrobe needs work if my kids think this is me being dressed up!

Chambray shirt - Old Navy
Jeans - The Loft
Shoes - Target
Scarf - Target
Watch - Michael Kors

Scarf tying tips anyone? Must Pinterest this.
After a few attempts my husband asked for my real smile.

Monday - work, T-Ball game
This picture was taken at Ballyhoo in Childress...seriously stop there when you drive through!! 
It is A-Mazing!!! Love that store.  You can grab a latte and do some shopping!!

Purple Cardigan - J.C. Penney's
Favorite Black Shirt - Amelia's Fashion Exchange
Jeans - J. Jill
Black heels - Vince Camuto
Striped purse - The Shoe Dept. ($20!)
Necklace - Premiere Jewelry

I did not capture pictures from Tuesday or Wednesday.

Well, this is a start.  I hope before too long this blog posting will keep me motivated to dress a little better!

If you are in the same boat I am...check out some of the other links at The Pleated Poppy...there are some women on there with great outfit inspiration!!!!


  1. Being a working/mom wife is hard work and it's hard to find time to shop much less look put together all the time! I like that you layer (my fav), and I think you would look great in skinny jeans!

    1. You have a natural beauty and easy going personality that will make anything you put on great! This is a neat idea....very brave of you :-)

    2. Thank you sooo much friend! You are so sweet and beautiful yourself! I keep thinking of Be you bravely! Romans 12:2

  2. Dear Daughter(this is your Mother) :),
    You look absolutely beautiful in every picture!!!! Great outfits and the prettiest thing you wear is your smile, especially in the pic with the scarf on by the brick planter!!!! I don't know if you realize it or not but that precious little girl gets a lot of her cuteness and sass from her Mother (YOU)!!!! Keep posting and smiling Always!!!! Love , Mom xoxo

  3. Oh and Dear Daughter this took me forever to post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously FOREVER!!!!!!!! Blog loving google account idk it's Greek to me !!!!!!!!!! Big chief and #2 all the way baby!!!!! Snail mail is my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    1. Thanks Mama!! You are so sweet! Maybe our beauty and sass came from you!!
      I laughed because I had to ask Jason about the Big Chief and #2.... Too funny you are!! Love you!