Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The One with the Oooooommmmmmggggeeee...

Oooooommmmmmggggeeee, folks.  Tonight, I had my Last Pig Out Meal {oink, oink}.  I am not even playing.  I do not intend on this turning into a fitness blog.  This blog is about me....all of me....the Good, the Bad & the Ugly.  ....and tonight I am going to share a little bit about the ugly.
Almost two years ago I got married to an All American Husband and I have been living in marital bliss. While living in this said bliss I have eaten anything and everything I have wanted. ...and then some.  Also, I can count on 2 hands how many times I have worked out.  I have zero motivation.  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  I look at my life and think how in the world am I supposed to fit that in? (...and for the record all of these excuses I am going to tell you about, I already know the right answers/responses to them.  I just don't practice them.) On Twitter the other day I saw this tweet that hit me hard - "@Sports_Greats - I don't FIND time to exercise, I MAKE the time to exercise."  That is so true.    
I am not going to give My Number...but I will tell ya that since our wedding I have gained 33 pounds.  (Not to mention the 10 lbs. I was still trying to lose before our wedding).  Typing that was hard, but I'm sure no surprise to many.  I know to some that isn't a lot to lose, but people I am barely 5 feet tall.  So those 33 pounds look more like 2,000.  I seriously look in the mirror these days and wonder who that person is.  
Really it's not about the numbers.  Everyone's battle is different.  I care more about how I feel and these days I feel awful.  I just want to feel healthy.  For me and for my family...
Last week I was Facebook messaging a friend that is a runner.  She has accomplished a lot and is just an inspiration to many people.  When I told her that I was struggling with this she told me that when she started she posted about it all of the time to keep her motivated and accountable.  Initially, I was not planning on blogging or posting about this, but something happened after my Last Pig Out Meal tonight.  It was so good and so bad at the same time.  I must stop.  I cannot keep hiding.  I cannot keep wishing that my clothes would fit better.  I cannot waste another day by not moving more or eating better.  Which in reality...it really is that simple.  Just move more and eat better.  Ok...I can do that.  I can do that.  I CAN do that!
Another tweet that I saw recently said - "@Fit_Motivator - Forget about getting skinny.  Eat well & exercise, the weight will take care of itself."  
So, this whole post just to say -----> If you see me eating something bad....just go right ahead and knock it out of my hand.  Seriously.  I will laugh and give you a hug. 

I appreciate each of you that reads this blog.
Until next time....


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