Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Things I Learned in March...

Today I am linking up with Emily Freeman again @ Chatting at the Sky.  I have done this once before back in July and enjoyed it, so here we go...
(tbh {that's "to be honest" for those that aren't up on the teenager lingo ;) }...some of these I learned in the months right after this last post)

1.  Someone told me that you can purchase an entire bag of PINK Starbursts.  Is this true? I must find out for sure.  Those are the best ones.

2.  That deer graze by the moon.  The best time to hunt deer is early in the morning when the moon is still out and the sun is coming up..... Is this true? I, myself, have never hunted before, but I'm curious...

3.  That it's a good day to fish when all of the cows are standing.  This one I do not know myself either, but my friend Hayley told me that and I do not question her.  At all.  She knows about life.  And stuff.

4. Mr. Pibb is actually Pibb Extra now.  Apparently, it changed a long time ago....  Either way it is still no Dr. Pepper.  I only order it if we are at the movies and I just have to.    

5.  Done is truly better than perfect.  Especially, when it is regarding my home.  I always want things to be perfect, but Jason is great about helping me just get things done.  I've realized that if I don't like something I can change it later.  The world does not end.  Who knew? :)

Then I got lost while reading Emily's list of things she learned in March.

Such as.... "3. If you ask Siri “What planes are flying over my head?” she will give you a list of planes that can possibly be seen in the sky from where you’re standing: the name of the airplane, the flight number, and the altitude."

Oh my.  I did that and Siri listed several planes that were flying in the blue skies above me.  I said a prayer for each of those flights.  That's amazing, Siri.

and her 4.
"So the other day, I had several deadlines looming so naturally I thought it was a great time to download My Heritage app and find out which celebrity I’m looking like these days. I took a quick selfie and waited for my results."

Then I downloaded the My Heritage app myself....hahaha.  Time not wasted.  The kids got a kick out of this app last night.  So fun.  Tomorrow I will try to post all of our pics.  They are classic.

Try it yourself and check out some of the other links on Emily's post.

Happy Wednesday, friends. 

"Time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted." - John Lennon


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