Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday's Top 5 {#5}

Welcome to my Monday Top 5....
five things to make YOUR Monday just a little brighter!

1) Choosing your children

Recently, I have made some new friends through the blogging world and one of them is Katie from A Lane Above... as I have been catching up on her older blog posts I came along THIS ONE.  She talks about how she would tell her children that she would choose them.
So today as I dropped Jonah off for preschool I gave him a big hug and I told him.... If God lined up alllll of the 5 year little boys with great, big, blue eyes and blonde hair...I would choose you every time.  He looked up at me and smiled and was really thinking about what I had just said.  He took off walking and was still smiling and then he looked back and gave me an even bigger smile.  Oh my...if only I could bottle these moments up!!! It was so sweet.  I wish I would've captured that big smile on film, but I won't forget it.  
I can't wait until I pick Olivia up from school and I can tell her something similar.  
Priceless moments.

If you have the post....and try it yourself with your own kids.  You'll be surprised how much those words mean to them!! :)

2) Caramel Vanilla Cream by Green Mountain Coffee for Keurig
My friend Heather told me about these and have by far been an excellent purchase!!
Thanks, Heather!!
3) Mama InspirationThere is no one perfect way to be a mother {free printable} #mother

4) Fashion Inspiration
Polka Dots are my Absolute Favorite...
...and this shirt is a great price!!

Buy here...

 5) Life Inspiration
Let go of other people's opinions about you.
Enjoy your week! :)


  1. LOVE the quotes you shared! And I'm so glad you like the coffee ~ isn't it wonderful? Yummy! Just the perfect amount of sweetness.