Thursday, October 9, 2014

The One with the Wives of the SEC & 7 Things I've Learned as a Coach's Wife (so far)

Whether your husband coaches on the high school level, college level or any other level ..... being a coach's wife is rewarding, frustrating, humbling and exhausting all at the same time.

I love being a coach's wife.

It thrills me to watch my husband live out his dreams.

Obviously, I have lots to learn and work on....but I will get there.

Here's a peek into the lives of the SEC Coach's Wives::

7 things I have learned as a Coach's Wife 
(so far)...

1.  Be a step ahead.  In everything....from the laundry to the meals to the family plans.  
Anticipate what may or may not happen and plan accordingly.

2.  Let the negative comments be forgotten and move on.
Somewhere ... someone ... will say something and you're just going to have to Let. It. Go.

3.  No matter how much fans know about football or any other sport, they do not know every reason why coaches do things or make certain decisions.

Until I was married to a coach, I did not realize the time, energy and reasoning that goes into each and every decision made on the field of each game.

#2 is what follows after this one so.... just let it go.  

4.  Mamas come and go.... and you will be thankful when they have younger kids coming up through the ranks.... There will be lots of special Mamas and you will be so grateful to learn they have a kid in junior high that will be a part of the program very soon.  
These Mamas are the ones that keep things going....they support the teams 150% and they love their kids more than words.  
They will inspire you and make you want to
 be a better Mama yourself.

5.  Don't have any expectations! Ever.  
This advice can apply to many avenues of life.
Just go ahead and assume that he will be gone for every single game, practice or event.... 
Just make plans to be right by his side.

6.  When you ask a simple football question ------> expect a 30 minute answer ... complete with drawings of plays and demonstrations.
Just nod, smile and tell him how wonderful he is.
Because he is.... 
If you want to go the extra mile...figure out what in the world he is talking can only help you in the future ;)

7.  Forget about Friday plans and for that matter just forget about plans all year :) except for a few weeks during the summer, maybe.

For me, that means if I reaaallllyyy want to see Joyce Meyer or Beth Moore speak live....I will have to find 
a rare spring conference or a summer thing....

I have much to learn, but these past few years have been memorable and rewarding
 all at the same time.


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  1. Awesome!! You are a blessing to your husband, your community, and to those of us in the coaching life.

  2. You are so awesome Tara! I always love reading about your life as a wife of a coach!