Friday, October 31, 2014

Good News Friday {#12}

Hey y'all!

It's Friday which is good news in itself...huh?

...but today is also you can get FREE candy!

My little Batman and Kitty Cat.

I had bought an Iron Man costume for Jonah (By the time I went shopping there were only 4 different costumes to choose from)...but you see how well that went over :) 
He told me that Iron Man was the most boringest (his word)
 Super Hero ever....
so he wore his costume from last year.

Also.... TONIGHT these Indians will play their last home game of the season... 7 p.m. against Lockney.
Let's fill the stands!!!

and for these Seniors... it will be the last time they play 
at Indian Stadium

Photo by Kari Day

Remember what your coaches have told you.... if they could go back and play any game would be one of these.

Enjoy every single one of those 48 minutes!
Make some good memories tonight!
High School Football doesn't last forever, but the memories do!!!

Photo by Quanah Digital


Happy Halloween and Happy Football Friday!!!



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