Monday, October 27, 2014

The One with the Hayride

Tonight our church had their 3rd Annual Hayride...
We gathered at the Woods Home and enjoyed hot dogs.
Then the men headed out first so they could
 scare the women and children.
[Don't worry most of the young children (ours included) stayed behind with the Pams]

The kids hopped up on the trailer and off we went...

NGCC Youth

I won't mention any names....  Jace Parmer & Hayden Griffin ....but a few of these boys were pretty scared.  So scared they were jumping up into the laps of the girls and each other.
Chivalry must be out when it comes to spook houses and hayrides.

These are the women that rode in the truck pulling the trailer.
These are brave women.
None of them screamed ;)

Here is me and Hayley Mae...

It was a pretty fun night!

Thanks to Levi and Jackie for hosting us!! 
You guys do such a great job with the Youth!

I did learn that Jonah put on a show while we were away.  He showed the Pams some of his dance moves.  That kid may be too shy to be Santa in our church play, 
but I guess he has no problem dancing in public.
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