Sunday, September 14, 2014

The One with Summer Vacation Part Two

I am finally posting about the second part of our family vacation from this summer. 
See our Part One HERE.
It takes me forever to edit all of our pictures.....but this afternoon...I made the time to do it.
I would say I took the time....but I had to MAKE the time or else I would've done more laundry, read more of my book, watched more tv, organized another drawer or washed more dishes..... but I kept my focus on doing 1 thing at a time... (thanks God for the words you spoke through Joyce Meyer's book --- 100 Ways to Simplify Your Life - Day 2)

Anyway...back to the vacay pictures:::

After we got the truck fixed (or so we thought) we took off down the highway and headed to my parents' house.
The truck was not 100% fixed and it took us 5 hours to make a 3 hour trip, but that's ok.  We were all just happy to be together.

Plus, we were going to Six Flags the next day :)

We went to Six Flags with my parents and my brother & his wife.

The BEFORE Picture

The kids were sooooo excited....they were all smiles!

Once we got into the gate...they were super serious 
about our plans.....

Then we waited over an hour for the boys: Jason, my Dad and my brother, Thad to ride the Pandemonium.  
The kids were really patient and so good while they waited.  
You can't really tell in these pictures... but before the ride, my dad was fired up to ride it....

Then by the end of it....Thad was laughing really hard, Jason had his hands up and my dad was covering his face!! :) 
This is how I feel about roller coasters so I wasn't about to ride one.

I don't know if you guys know this or not ;) ....but Jonah LOVES batman so this was fun for him...

Jonah & the Batmobile

Then the kids proceeded to ride the Batwing 3 times....

They rode the Runaway Mine Train together...

and then we let them drive us around in the 
Chaparral Antique Cars.

We played in the park allllllll day and IT WAS SO MUCH FUN...

Once it got dark...we rode a few more rides and then 
played a bunch of games.

A quick picture in front of the carousel...

The AFTER Picture

...and then we left.

I love them.

We spent a week with both of our families, made lots of memories and didn't have to spend a ton of $ to do it....
Great summer vacay!!!

[and don't think after awhile I won't move this post back to July 2014 where it belongs.... I have chronological order issues.....]



  1. Great pictures! I love the one of them studying the park maps. So glad you had a fun vacation!

    1. Thank you!!!! You are always so good at getting your pics up inspire me!