Thursday, September 25, 2014

The One with the Spray Paint

Here lately it has been hard for me to find a lot of free time to blog, but while Coach Sims is firing up the grill I thought I would post about this new bookshelf for Olivia's room.

I am crafty by no means....but I can sure spray paint!

Recently, we moved a few things out of Olivia's bedroom to make room for the super adorable tee pee that I won from Dolly and Frances!

I wanted a tee pee in her room to make her a little reading nook.  Around here we all LOVE reading and I hope to pass that passion onto our children.

I needed a bookshelf to hold some of Olivia's books near her little reading nook.

I walked into Ballyhoo [You gotta stop there...I'm telling ya!!] one day and stumbled upon this little gem for a great price.

It wasn't ideal for standing up books, but for that price....and size I knew it would work just fine!

In the left of this picture you will see a small glimpse of the tee pee...

One day (or one year) from now when I finally finish in her room I will show you the whole thing.

Less is more, right?

On the shelf are her favorite books --- Olivia books, Fancy Nancy books and some of her chapter books.
I put all of her other random books in a bucket that will go behind the tee pee.

Well, the steaks are done........ :)

Have a great night!