Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The One with The Fault in Our Stars

Spoiler Alert:::
I really hate I want you to be sure and stop reading this if you have not -----> read this book or seen the movie.... I don't want to be THAT person.... so please stop reading so you can't blame me for ruining your experience.... :)

but if you have already read the book or seen the movie:::::

Several months ago, Jason and I went to watch the movie Divergent....while watching the previews...we saw one for the movie The Fault in Our Stars. I had not heard of it yet....and as soon as it was over I knew I had to see it..... Jason who is not much on sad, chick flicks...leaned over and said..."You can see that one without me."..and the lady sitting in front of us turned around and whispered...."I'll go with you."

The next day I posted the preview on this blog...and my cousin, Quana (I know right....I have a cousin named Quana....stars align)... anyway, Quana informed me that I must read the book first.  I am a huge fan of reading books before I see the I set out to make this happen.  For Mother's Day, Jason bought me the book....and I finally got around to reading it.

The book was awesome.  It was a book where I literally laughed out loud....many, many times.  John Green, the author....came across and intrigued my dry, sarcastic sense 
of humor and I loved it.  

As I neared the end of the book..... Jason could not find me one evening and then he stumbled upon me as I was sitting on our kitchen floor with the book in my hands and sobbing.  He took one look at me and immediately retreated to safe ground in our den.  

The book was so, so good.  

I think in 20 years from now.... this movie will be like Say Anything or Sixteen Candles...... You are welcome...all of you future teenagers.  Enjoy this classic.

....goodness it makes you appreciate life and the days
 that you have left.

like Hazel says in the movie....

I believe that it is a privilege to love Jason.

The best part about loving that if someone said to me Jason really loves you....I could also honestly say I know....because I do.  Without a doubt, I know that my husband truly loves me.  He loves me for who I am.  He loves me, flaws and all.  
There is not a day that goes by that I do not doubt his love.  

Life is hard.  It's difficult to imagine...that we have so many people in our little world and one day they will be gone 
or we will be gone.... 
It breaks my heart to even think about a time when my life would not be shared with Jason.  
I am just completely uninterested in that life.

I know we will move on to an even better place and I know that it will be a million times better than here on this earth....

but gosh, it really makes me appreciate the time I do have 
and the people that I do love.

That movie and book are good reminders.....

{my only wish is that movie makers would realize that movies can make their points without using curse words, could someone call Hollywood??}



  1. It's funny, that I didn't cry a drop when I read the book, but I SOBBED during the movie!

    1. Awww.... they were both good. Thanks for reading..... have a great weekend!