Friday, November 7, 2014

The One with the Fisk Files

I would like to introduce you to another blogging friend... Britt from The Fisk Files.

She has written a post called When Life Gets Messy and it 
is A-MAZING....I can totally relate.
You must read it!

Britt is just a beautiful soul who shares her heart
 on her fabulous blog.  

"We are a fun-loving, simple-living, God-fearing family raising cattle on the grasslands of New Mexico.  As a family we have served our country for eight years, worked for the President of the United States, completed a tour in Iraq, earned two master's degrees, become Catholic, and entered the journey of life called parenthood."
{from her About Me page}

She is a proud wife and a mother of four... please visit her blog and read her posts.

Read the FULL the post here...

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