Saturday, November 22, 2014

The One with the Area Champs ~ {A Coach's Wife's Perspective}


Photo Courtesy of KD Photos

Last night we played the undefeated Booker Kiowas (10-0) and we beat them 42-12 to claim the Area Champ Title.

Photo Courtesy of James Fuqua

To say that I'm proud would be an understatement.

So thoughts from a coach's wife's perspective:::

Let's start with the Pep Rally:::::

 Each week the cheerleaders, dance team & band put on such a great rally for Our Boys of Fall.

How awesome is it to be having pep rallies in November?

This week there was some extra Indian Spirit
 from the Senior Mamas... 
Goodness they love their boys... and can ya blame them?

Photo Courtesy of KD Photos

One of my favorite parts of our pep rallies are when the boys break it down during the Tomahawk.
Love it!

The Send Off:::::

What a send off! People of Quanah showed out for this team and it was an awesome sight to see.  It started with the bus passing by the elementary and seeing all of those kids & teachers waving & yelling.... Wow!!!
Then traveling down the highway with an escort not only here, but in Childress.  To see all of the people lined up on 287 was AMAZING!! Businesses cheering on this team with their gold pom-poms and signs ------ Loved it!
Wonderful send off, Quanah!

[also, you can say pom pons, pom poms, pom-poms, whatever you want... 
I googled it to be sure and Google KNOWS]

The Game:::::

Photo Courtesy of KD Photos

Oh.  My.  Word.  

You know some weeks... I sit in the stands and think to myself ----> Please keep it classy, Quanah.
They usually do, but last night our crowd was beyond classy.

From the minute the game started, the fans were cheering! It was awesome... I'm hoarse today and proud of it!
They did not stop.  I stood throughout the whole game and so did many others.... yelling along with the cheerleaders the ENTIRE game... all 4 quarters! 
Many fans in the stands would start cheers as well as the cheerleaders... 
They were behind those Indians all of those 48 minutes.
I loved how they never got down on them...
Always encouraging.

oh side note... one of my favorite parts of the game was when the team and the fans held up 4 fingers before the 4th quarter ---- awesome, I mean seriously. 
Small Towns are the best.

This team ----- from the Offensive Line, Defensive Line, Quarterback, Receivers, Backs, Safeties, Special Teams!
Played their tails off.  

Booker was a great team.  They averaged 55 points 
a game this season.
Their quarterback broke Texas History records, but our Indians shut them down like nobody's business.

When these boys are giving pep talks at their son's pep rallies one day...this will be a game that will be mentioned --- it was that good.

Our boys came to play last night.  
They played like Brothers.
They played to the best of their ability.
They just ROCKED it.

Breaking up passes, sacks, hard hits {BOOM}, passes that were perfection.... beautiful routes... pressure on the QB... 

I could mention specific names here.... but I'm always reluctant because I never want to leave anyone out.
They ALL played so good.

One player that I will mention is Jacob Laughery -- I'm so glad he is ok! 

I'm thankful for no injuries last night!

For me, as a coach's wife... the best part is that I get to go home with this guy.

You, Coach Sims, have got class, discipline, passion and a desire to give God all the glory.
I have the utmost respect for you as a coach, father & husband.

Congrats to you, your coaching staff and your team on a spectacular WIN!!!

My final thoughts are about the Doubters.
I've had to bite my tongue all week.
I hope now you can see how special this team is.
I hope you can believe.
...because WE DO.

Photo Courtesy of Quanah ISD

Our next game will be in Clyde against Crosbyton.
The Indians will play at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, November 28th.
Who needs turkey?
We've got football to play :)
Come cheer with us....



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