Sunday, November 2, 2014


How is it already November?
Coach Sims told me yesterday that each passing year goes faster than the last.  I believe it....
I think this year has seemed like my faster one yet....

The other day I wrote "Olivia's 9th Birthday" in my EC Life Planner and I thought ... how in the world?? 
She will be 10 (((((10))))) before we know it!

This is our current Message:

Last week Olivia surprised us with this message:

These kids...they keep us on our toes...

Each month I intend on doing a Photo-a-Day Challenge...and I never do.... It's already Day 2 of this month...but I'm going 
to start anyway.
I picked 2 of them... just because.

Here's the one from The Idea Room:

and here's the one from Fat Mum Slim:

in case you want to join along...
You can see my pics on my personal IG account:

This month I am going to be reviewing another book.
It's called The Paragraph Ranch 
by Kay Ellington and Barbara Brannon.  
Kay has also graciously offered to give away 5 copies of their ebook to my readers!!!!

This is a story set in Texas and I can't wait to get started! It has some great reviews on Amazon...
I'm excited to share this book with you this month!!

Just look how pretty the cover is!!

I scheduled my next Stitch will be here just in time for my birthday!

Get your own fix here: 

We also just booked our trip to Walt Disney World!!!
We will be spending New Year's Eve there :)
We are sooooo excited!

To all of the encouragers and not the haters ;)
I made a new IG account just for my fitness adventure.
I didn't want to bore everyone with all of those kinds of posts...and I thought by using IG I might be more accountable to 
stick to my plans.
Are you also trying to get healthier or lose some weight???
Let's encourage each other!
Instagram -----------> @mcs_myfitnessadventure

Enjoy your Sunday, friends!!



  1. Yay for a Stitch Fix. I can't wait to see it. I'm jealous of your Disney trip! We hope to go sometimes when the kids are older. I did the FMS photo a day for a whole year. It was a fun time!

    1. I think the kids are finally at the perfect age to take them.... I will save some tips for you go!

    2. oh and FMS for a whole year??? you rock!