Thursday, August 14, 2014

The One with Summer Vacation Part One

This summer we did not take any fancy vacations, but we did make sure that we visited both of our families.  We left town and were on the road with the kids for a whole week.  We spent a lot of time on the highway in the truck, but we had a lot of fun.

This is how our trip started out.  Not even an hour from home and the kids were already napping in the backseat. (yes, they are worries)

Our first stop of our trip was College Station.  Jason's mom and sister both live there.  It was also the place where the State 7 on 7 Championship Tournament was being held and Quanah just happened to be playing in it.

Here we are at Starbucks one morning for breakfast.
The kids tried to find something they liked there to eat....but had trouble.  You can tell by the look on Olivia's face she is not too sure about that chocolate croissant.  Needless to say, this will be the last time I try to feed my kids at Starbucks :)

While we were in College Station we started having lots of trouble with our truck.  We finally got it into the Sears Auto Department.  We walked around the entire mall and did not spend $1.  
I was so proud of us.

Liv begged to take a picture with this cute puppy.  I agreed and was happy we did not have to acknowledge the store it belonged to.  Just a quick snapshot and we were on our way...

The QHS boys played great at the 7 on 7 State Tournament.  These games of course got everyone even more excited for Football Season!!!

From L to R: Craig Miles, Mayson Leija, Coach Cody Robertson, Cory Bodine, Jace Parmer, Austin Martinez, Jacob Osborne, Shawn Reinhardt, Devon O'Neal, Avery Fuqua, Zane Oseletto, Clay Robertson, Coach Mark Leija and Sean Jalomo.

Finally, we got to meet sweet Baby Paige! This is our little niece.  Erleigh (Jason's sister) and Michael gave birth to her last October.  She is precious.  Both the kids had so much fun playing with her.  These pictures melt my heart.

One afternoon we took the kids to the Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History.  I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the movies or a museum and they screamed Museum!! I was proud of them.... so off we went and we had a great time!

One night we went to a friend's house of Erleigh and Michael's for swimming and a fish fry.  We had so much fun hanging out with the kids by the pool and we ate some yummy catfish.

Jonah got to feed the cows.  They came sprinting up to the fence when they knew it was feeding time.

There was also this sweet doe that comes up to the house to eat and both of the kids got to pet her.  She was so beautiful.  
The kids had so much fun enjoying life and nature on this trip and we hardly had to spend any money! It was glorious and just good for our souls.

It was great getting to see Darlene (Nana), Erleigh, Michael and Paige....we miss them throughout the year!

Finally, with our truck semi-fixed we started heading down the road to the 2nd part of our trip.
Off to my parents' house...and Six Flags!

Summer Vacation Part Two Coming Soon!