Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday's Top 5 {#19}

I started this blog series.... because too many times I hear people say I hate Monday!
I wanted this to be a bright spot in your Monday.

I wanted to help you dread Mondays a little bit less....
because life is too short to dread Mondays!

Here are My Top 5 for this Monday::::

1) School Inspiration

School starts here in a week....
Are you looking for some fun Back to School ideas?

Check out some blog posts from our Link Party last week!

There are lots of good ones on there:::

Click HERE

2) Wife Inspiration

Right now over at she is doing a online book study over 
"Say Goodbye to Survival Mode" by Crystal Paine.

If you feel like you are going from one day to the next in survival mode and need some help getting yourself and your home back in order...check out this study!
I've just recently started it and I'm working on my Priorities List!

3) Life Inspiration

4) Garage Inspiration

Holy Smokes, Batman!

This is genius and would be perfect in our garage to store those bulky extension cords, etc.

5) Fashion Inspiration

A pretty new fall scarf...

Buy it here

Happy Monday, Friends!



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