Friday, August 15, 2014

The One with the Great Day

Today was not just a good day, but a GREAT day.

It started off this morning as my husband and I left for work TOGETHER.  
Never in a million years would I have dreamed that would have happened.

We grabbed our coffees and headed to the elementary for the big Welcome Back!

The cheerleaders presented the new employees with a 
little surprise gift.
So nice of them.

Mr. Ryan Turner - our new superintendent.... 
gave a testimony - sermon - speech - whatever you want to call it...  it was awesome.
He shared some personal stories and not only made everyone laugh, but also touched on how important education is to him.

Later...Coach Sims commented on how he liked how passionate Mr. Turner is about his job.

For a little job history of my own ------> for the past 6 years I was a juvenile probation officer...the last few as the 
assistant chief for the department.
Usually, when I would tell people what I did they would either tell me that they couldn't believe it or that could never do 
that type of job.
I will admit, it is a different kind of job and while it may not be rewarding every single day..... there were lots of moments where you felt like you were able to listen to a kid who may never get that anywhere else.

There are lots of kids out there that have struggles.  Real struggles.  At is just heartbreaking.

Over the past 6 years, what I came to believe and realize is that ... just like Mr. Turner said today ... 

Most of the kids I had on probation struggled in school and I would just want them to see how important an education was.  
If you work hard and earn a high school diploma, learn a trade, go to technical school, a junior college, a university......... and earn a certificate or degree;;;;
NO ONE can EVER take that away!

That education is yours forever.

Outside of the walls of the schools there are kids that
have parents who tell them they will never amount to anything;
there are kids who have no idea how they are going to 
find money for their next meal;
there are kids who aren't strong enough to resist peer pressure;
there are kids that are going through a divorce;
there are kids out there that don't know where they will 
even sleep that night;
there are kids out there that can't read;
there are kids who never get hugs;
there are kids out there who are broken;
there are kids out there who never hear the words I Love You....

An education is something that is going to free these kids from this bondage.  It is something that is going to stop the negative cycle and give them opportunities to make a difference in 
their family tree.
It will give them a chance to give their own children more..... more than struggle, more than heartbreak, more than stress.

An education isn't something that just comes from textbooks.  
It isn't something that just comes from inside of a classroom.

It comes from the relationships that are built with these kids.  
On the football the the a basketball the grocery store.

My new job ------> I am working as a transition coordinator/counselor for five school districts. 
These students are going to be important to me.  
I care about what happens to them.  
I care about their future.  

My goal is to help them become the best they can be.
I believe in them already.....before I have even met most of them.

I want to build good relationships with each one of them.
I want them to know that education is an opportunity...
their opportunity.


Tonight after the football scrimmage the team stopped at Dairy Queen for supper.
Afterwards, I was visiting with one of the the end of our conversation he said, "Well, I will see y'all at home."

At Quanah.  
Quanah is our home and I'm so glad.

Today, Quanah has felt more like home than any other day.

It was a great day.


  1. That's so great! It's fun to work with your hubby!

  2. I'm so glad you had a good day and am so happy to be working with you! I love to read your blog because you share what is on your heart.

  3. Wow, it breaks my heart to read about the part how kids just long to hear the words "I love you" or never get hugs or cant read, breaks my heart because I know it's true! Praise God for people like you who can go into that battle zone and work with them. I really do pray for people like you!

    1. Aww thanks Whitney! I's so sad to think about. I appreciate your prayers very very much....