Friday, August 29, 2014

The One with Back to School Pictures & Good News Friday

Wow! It's been a week since I've posted.  I missed Monday's Top 5 and What I Wore Wednesday ....

It has been a crazy, busy week with us getting back into the swing of things.  

Lots of changes around here this school year with my new job, Jonah starting Kindergarten and the kids 
going to a new school district .....

So far it has all been a dream come true! 

My favorite part so far has been walking the kids to school.  A few weeks ago I decided I would try that out and see how the kids liked it.  The first morning they loved it, but after school they asked if the next morning they could just ride in the car.  I said ok......but was thrilled the next morning when I asked it they wanted to ride or walk and both of them exclaimed, "WALK!!!"

So we have been walking all week and it has been so much fun to share those moments with Olivia & Jonah.  The conversations we have are so good and walking outside is just so peaceful.  

The night before school my mom posted this for us on Instagram::::
Isn't she the sweetest? 

These are the teacher gifts I made.... a jar of homemade chocolate chip cookies and a bundle of highlighters.

Now this next thing takes a lot of time to do....but for me it was so worth it! It never fails that Olivia and I will disagree on outfits the morning of school.....last year I started laying out the kids outfits the night before which was helpful.  This year I took the time to take pictures of all of her outfits and they are in an album on my phone.  Now all she has to do is scroll through them and pick out what she is going to wear the next day.  She loves this!!!
 For her new outfits we will just add them to the album....

We did make First Day of School Pancakes....but those pictures were really dark .....

Here are this year's First Day of School Pictures:::::
I found the chalkboard prints via Yellow Bliss Road and 
they were perfect for us!

Goodness these kids are growing up!!!

...and where would we be without Olivia's Best Friend, Montana! Thankfully, she goes to Liv's new school and they are in class together....she made the transition fun and easy!

Our Back to School Chalkboard Message

Happy Friday!
Good News Friday = the Indians take the field tonight and we will finally be sitting under those Friday Night Lights....

We've been watching this show all summer...can you guess what it is?