Monday, August 11, 2014

The One with Back to School Activities - Link Party

Welcome to our 3rd Link Party!!!

Today is Back to School Activities...

For many years on my To Do List has been - Organize Kids 
School Stuff

and this weekend I tackled that!

I am totally hijacking a blog post done by A Bowl Full of Lemons.
Keepsake Boxes.

That is one of my Go To Blogs for staying organized.  

She is a genius.  ...and they say copying is the highest form of flattery, right?

I'm right in the middle of this project as I'm posting this so I'm not completely done, but I can tell it's going to be much better....

Before I had all of the kids' stuff separated into these big envelopes and in these tubs.  
Then I bought the supplies I needed from Office Depot and I started making separate files for each year to put into these new boxes.

I need to finish making my file tabs and I also still need to go through some of the school work stuff and make one last toss.

I have all of their pictures in one file, their artwork in another and also all of the cards they have received in another file.

Here are two images from A Bowl Full of Lemons:::
truly inspirational.

Oh and if anyone has a cricut and would like to make my children's names for the front of the boxes....I will happily send you some $$.

Mine will look a little better once I add more files and finish up.

I am so glad to have this marked off my To Do List before this school year begins.  Now I know that each year until they are seniors....I will have a specific, special place just 
for their school stuff.

Don't forget to check out the other blog posts!!! I saw some of their topics beforehand and I know there are some really good ones!!!

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  1. I love these and tackled it last spring. I have both boys in one box for now but I'm sure once school starts it will expand to 2! Great project!!

    1. Feeling good about life today...thanks to these :) Love your post today!!! Great information.....thanks again for organizing these Link are one busy Mama....!

  2. I have started these for my guys, but still have some organizing to do!! Keeping this post for a reference....Tackling mine is on my to-do list for fall! Thank you for sharing this!


    1. Glad you could relate to this post! Have a great day.....

  3. Thanks so much for this! This is awesome! I've kept so much stuff, but it isn't organized! Thanks for the tips!! :) Happy Monday!!

    1. You are very welcome!!!! I was drowning in papers....glad to finally have it organized!! Good luck :)