Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What I Wish I Wore Wednesday {#8}

It finally happened.
I went a whole week and did not take one outfit picture.

Sooooo instead I am sharing what I wish I would've worn this past week....
that sounds way more fun anyway.

...and I admit...this post took me way longer than it should have...
I was super picky about my wishful was an outfit for someone way taller than me or the skirt would be way too long or short...or I loved the outfit, but hated the shoes....and finally I was like c'mon...just pick's almost midnight :) was fun.

Thursday - work, road trip

Friday - in Lubbock with my man

Saturday - golf

Sunday - church

Monday - work, baseball camp

Tuesday - work, baseball camp

Wednesday - working from home, church


I think it's time to go shopping now.

(all of these images were found on Pinterest)

Until next time....


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