Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The One with the Friends

Today I am guest posting over at Living in this Season....
I wanted to share my post with you here as well.

Please check out Keri's Blog... 
she is a sweet friend that I have recently made through blogging.  
She just recently had her third baby.
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best friends.  close friends.  sweet friends.

What would we do without our girlfriends?

I am very open, but very private at the same time.  I am nice to everyone, but there are few women that I open my heart up to.  It takes me forever to build friendships because I am a little shy and guarded, but once they are built I am loyal forever.

As I think back over the course of my life and all of the friends I have had....it's interesting to see how these girls were my Rock at different times.  All of them were special to me and I poured my life into theirs.
It's also interesting to think about how the chapters with some of these friends have come to an end, but I still cherish our friendship and the wonderful times that we shared.  Some of the friendships are there...but just a little different.

There aren't many things that are more fun than sharing a cup of coffee with your BFF or laughing at all of your inside jokes.  Through the good times and the bad times you always want what is best for each other.

Talking to your best friend is sometimes all the therapy you need.

One of my closest friends had said once that ------> Nothing ever stays the same.
How true is that? Life is constantly changing...sometimes we change jobs or move, get married and sometimes divorced, we have babies or just lose touch... No matter how badly you want to remain close to some of these friends...life takes you in another direction.
Even though you don't get to spend as much time together....for me... my heart doesn't change.
I still love each of one of my Best Friends and I always will.

always stood by me.  always encouraged me. 
 always laughed with me. 
 always saw the best in me no matter what....

I believe each of our friendships serve a purpose.  They help us grow and enrich our lives.  Those friendships are exactly what we need at that moment in our lives.

This post is dedicated to all of those friendships...the ones from our past, the ones we have yet to make and to the ones that are constantly changing 
throughout the years.

Keri...thank you so much for asking me to guest post on your lovely blog!