Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday's Top 5 {#12}

Hello.  It is Monday again...but I am here to share my Top 5 things with you today ... in hopes that they will brighten your Monday.

1) Lovely Inspiration

Let me introduce you to my Aunt Kim Buckley and my cousin Bergan Buckley's the Mom/Daughter Duo behind the new little business, White Trash with a Little Bit of Class!

These girls are beyond talented!

You will find lots and lots of cute finds if you come across them at a craft show! 
You can also like their Facebook Page...

2) Geek Inspiration

In case I have any readers that are Star Wars fans ;)

3) Beauty/Home Inspiration

Obviously, I'm into arrows.  Go Indians!

Isn't this jewelry holder....super cute?

4) Home Inspiration

Are you interested in painting your front door a new, bold color?
Check out this post...

I love the color of this one!!!

5) Life Inspiration

Life is too short to dread Mondays...but it is also too short to hold onto things for "one day"...

Let everyday of your life be a special occasion!

use the china - wear that pretty dress you've been saving - call your folks, even if it's not their birthday - write that book you've been meaning to - let your daughter play dress up in your fancy shoes - take the plastic off that couch (ok I only know a couple of people that have plastic on their couch, really.) ...but seriously, life is too short.

I hope you have a fabulous week!



  1. Wow!! I would love to be at their craft show!! Lovin' your inspiration~


    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! They do such cute can see lots of pictures on their Facebook page! I hope you are enjoying your summer :)

  2. I waited entirely toooo long to start using the "good" stuff...after Charles died, and I moved to town, I told my girls that I was going to use all my good stuff...didn't know why I had not done that years ago so Charles could have enjoyed it with, YES, everyday is a special day. Good job, Tara. Love you so much sweet lady.

    1. I love you Jannice....and I always enjoy hearing stories about you and Charles...he sounds like he was an incredible man.