Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The One Where I Tell You About Going Home - Tuesday Talk

As you may have pieced together, life has been a whirlwind for us since Christmas.  The day after Christmas Coach Sims and I found out that we are expecting a baby this fall…. the week of the first football game to be exact :)

Four days after Christmas we took Olivia and Jonah to Disney World in Florida.  We had such a magical time! 
I need to post pictures one day.

During this time, the Athletic Director’s job in Childress (our Hometown) came open.  This was an unexpected opportunity for our family.  After much prayer & discussion…. We decided that if Coach Sims got this job it would be a blessing for our family.  

Since 2010, he has been coaching 30 miles down the road at Quanah, but he has not been home since he graduated.  Since we were married in 2012, I had been living in Quanah, but before that the kids and I were living in Childress.

For the past 5 years, Coach Sims had made his home in Quanah and had been all about Quanah.  He loved those kids.  He worked countless hours to improve the Athletic Program in every area.  He built relationships, he enjoyed wins, he endured some losses and no matter what he always focused on what 
could make the program better.

He hired a stellar staff of coaches, he put forth a work ethic that is rare and above all else he put God first….

In early January, when Coach Sims not only applied for the job in Childress, but had the honor of receiving it…he jumped into Bobcat Mode 1000% that very second.  

For him, it wasn’t his first move in this coaching world.  I knew that he would miss the kids in Quanah, but I also knew that this was business and he was doing what was best for his family.  

For me, it was my first move as a coach’s wife.  …and Holy Goodness was it a whirlwind of emotions.  I care so much about what people think… I didn’t want the people in Quanah to think it was an easy decision, but I didn’t want the people in Childress to think it was a hard decision …. because it was neither and both at the same time.

It took me a bit to wrap my head around what was happening.  People were upset and that bothered my little heart.  There were some people in Quanah that I was really going to miss, but I was anxious to go back home and be near my family.

During this transition, when I was in Quanah it would feel like an awful break-up, but when I was in Childress it felt like that feeling you get when you are falling in love.  Everyone was so happy and excited for us to move home.  …and we were too!

The very day that Coach Sims got the job, we had someone contact us about a rent house and we were moved in by the end of the month.  The kids transferred back to the Childress schools and we began going to church here in Childress.  

Everything happened so fast and so seamless that we knew God had His hand in this transition and move.  

Being back in our Hometown has been So. Much. Fun.  Everyone here has been so nice and so welcoming…. our hearts are full.

The last couple of months have been hard on this emotional mama…but I’m anxiously awaiting the next few months as things fall even more into place and we make Childress our Home again.

Go Bobcats!!


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  1. I always love visiting your space! I hope you're feeling well~


    1. Hey!! Thank you!! I hope you are too.... Lots of Pink!!

  2. Your baby is due on opening day?! Our son was born on the first day of my husband's grad school classes! Ha! Funny how babies have the best timing, right?


    1. hahahaha yes babies do have the best timing!!!