Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The One with the Key/Secret to Having the Relationship/Marriage Your Heart Desires

Despite the fact that in my past I have made some terrible decisions...
Despite the fact that I have been divorced...

God has still smiled down upon me and blessed me.

I am so thankful for making the decision to rededicate my life to the Lord. 
Best decision ever.

One area of my life that God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams is with my marriage.

I'm not writing this to brag or boast or be all mushy.... I'm writing this because well,  it's my blog and I will write what I want too.... but also to give you hope.

There was a dark time in my life where I was a little lost.
I was going through my divorce and I was obviously not seeing things clearly and not making the smartest decisions.

It was a point in my life where I was dealing with a 
inner battle of who I had been and who I was.

It was a lonely, painful road, but once I realized that my #1 problem was my priorities.... and that what I needed to be more concerned about was who I was going to become.... things started falling into place again for me.

I was tired of being sad.  I knew that I had let my relationship with God fall by the wayside.  I knew that I had been blinded by lies.  Lies from Satan, lies from other men 
and lies I was telling myself.

One day I had made the decision that I couldn't change the past, but I could make sure my future was better.  Not only for me, but for my precious children.

I decided that ALL I needed was God.
It was that simple.  I spent a lot of time in prayer asking for forgiveness.  I was specific in naming my sins.  Stuff I didn't even want to think about or remember, but I knew the sins were not hidden from God.  He already knew all of my sins and He knew my heart.

I would pray and say.... "It's you and me God.  Just you and me.... and that is all I need."

I put my priorities back in order and I was at peace with being alone.  I did not need a man.  I had God, my children and my family.

Looking back it was one of my favorite seasons.  Rekindling my relationship with God... spending time in prayer, in the Word, discovering who I wanted to be and learning to forgive myself... which sometimes is the hardest part.

At a time when I least expected it... my husband came into my life.

God knew my needs better than I knew myself.
Trusting him made things so much better, so much easier.

I will save our dating details for another post, but for the reason I began this particular post...

Not all women will relate, but some will....
I am a self-proclaimed romantic.  Love is important to me.  Romance.  Affection.  Affirmations.  Etc....etc.... It rocks my world.
So for those women that can relate:

You know when you read a Nicholas Sparks book or watch one of his movies or any other romantic book/film ... those feelings you get... I mean who doesn't want to kiss in the rain or have a man that will give them the world or flowers or a love note or whatever...

I watch those movies... like this recently, "The Longest Ride" and "Best of Me" and I think:::

I have that man.  


I have to pinch myself.  Seriously.

God has given me such a gift in my husband.  

He kisses me like it's our first and our last kiss.
He tells me I'm beautiful and when he says it, I believe him.
He wants everyone to know that he loves me and that I am his wife.
My happiness is important to him.
He wants to grow old with me.
When we are together he is present. Right there...in the moment.
And the list goes on and on...

I don't want to ever ever ever take him or our marriage for granted.
I thank God specifically for Jason.  I thank him for his character, his compliments, his love.

I don't think the key is/was finding a guy that is romantic.
I think the first key, the secret... is a guy that puts God before you.  A man that fears the Lord and knows the importance of having a personal relationship with him.

I think the second key/secret is to put God before ANYONE else yourself.  In fact, I believe that's what will help you with the first key/secret...
Check your priorities.

I also think that no matter what your relationship is like now....with God and through prayer you can have the relationship/marriage that your heart desires.
God knows your heart and your desires.
Trust him.
Trust God with your life, your marriage, your relationships.  
Stop trying to control them yourselves.

It's you and God.
...and that's enough.


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