Sunday, December 22, 2013

The One with the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party...

I have always wanted to throw an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and this year that is just what I did for our Sunday School class.  It was so much fun! 

As everyone arrived I took their photo...
Levi & Jackie Woods

Curtis & Jodi Terrell

Coach Sims & Myself

Coach Helm & Hayley

Jamie & Amanda Talley

Chris Andrews...We missed Angie!

Dr. Jay & Shana Parmer

The Winner of the Ugliest Sweater won this $25 gift card to Walmart.

And the winner was.... LEVI WOODS!

We enjoyed some yummy snacks that everyone brought and then we did a gift exchange.  Everyone had brought a White Elephant gift.  It was so much fun and we laughed all night about some of the gifts!!

Finally, for the rest of the evening we played Spoons.  Well, Jason and I had not played this game before.  When I said I had never played it they said, "Oh you will like it." ...and when Jason said he had never played it they ALL said, "You will LLOOOOVVVEEE it!!!!" Then shortly after that I found out why.  He is pretty competitive (which is an understatement) and I was knocked down to the floor just so he could get his hands on that darn spoon.  He will tell you that he gently moved me so that he could get to the spoon, but people, I had bruises to show for it! We had so much fun! 

Here is a couple of videos of our fierce games of Spoons...
(Thanks to Coach Helm & Hayley who are some serious gamers for providing the table!)

I love the satisfied look on Jackie's face as she beats us!!

It was a wonderful night spent with friends and I can't wait to do it again!


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