Thursday, December 26, 2013

The One with All the Pretty Lights...

Christmas is such a lovely time.  I enjoy spending time with my family and creating new traditions.  I also enjoy remembering the real reason that we are celebrating and that is Jesus, our Savior.  In our house we don't stress too much over Santa Claus or presents or money.  We just try to enjoy it and hope the kids will look back on these days with good memories.
The kids were in a Christmas play at church.

Olivia made this in kindergarten.  I love pulling out their homemade decorations.

Jonah's Star Wars Christmas Tree.  Those are R2D2 lights.

Olivia's Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree
Our Presents

Our presents with Uncle Thad & Aunt Jenny's presents

And then Gigi & Daddy Keys got there and whoa!
My favorite gift...Cute little magnets made by Olivia & Jonah

Little Westie bookends from my Mom & Dad


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