Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The One Where I Wish Jonah a Happy 5th Birthday

On this day five years ago at 7:19 a.m. we welcomed a 9.5 pound bundle of joy into our lives.  Yes, 9.5 pounds. 
This little boy stole my heart and my life was forever changed that day. 
Jonah's 1st Birthday

Swinging at Daddy Keys and Gigi's

Fun with Sister

Those blue eyes!

1 month old.  Chubby cheeks. 

With Rhett Tillman Buckley

In a sweet outfit from Uncle Thad & Aunt Jenny

Again...those blue eyes!

....and again.  Smitten.
Today as a 5 year old he is the boy that...
  • only wakes up early on Saturday
  • is obsessed with Super Heroes, but especially Batman
  • may or may not be Batman
  • is sweet to his sister
  • on any given day says he either wants to grow up and be an engineer, a coach, in the army or a Super Hero
  • could eat Fruity Pebbles for every meal
  • does not like thunderstorms or the dark
  • calls about 5 ladies at church Pam...there are only 3
  • always runs back to give me one more hug
  • will randomly start signing hymns from church...which I love
  • has dance parties with his sister
  • when asked how you get out in baseball, his reply was "through the gate" - we learned a lot this year :)
  • looks up to those Fighting Quanah Indians
  • says "I Love You" out of the blue and it always melts my heart
  • about 1/2 the time he says "I Love You" out of the blue though is when he is getting in trouble
With Olivia and their beloved blankets. 

Photo courtesy of Ericka Moore Photography
Jonah on his 4th Birthday

Another one from his 4th birthday.  His sweet smile.
This morning Jason asked me if I was sad.  I said not really.  Looking back at baby pictures makes me a little sentimental...and sad I can't go back and squeeze their tiny, soft hands or smell their yummy, baby scent.  Often times people would tell me to savor those moments and I did.  I remember holding my babies and reminding myself to enjoy this and to remember it forever and I did.  I soaked up my babies and I stored those memories in my forever memory bank. 
I only hope that I am savoring just as much today with them.  It seems we get so busy with life.  I love to have them with church, at ball games and at home on our cozy couch.  They don't stay little forever and I just hope we are raising them right.  I hope they are able to go out on their own and soar one day. 
There are so many kids I've watched grow up and are making wonderful life decisions.  I hope that is our kids one day.  I pray over them and I want them to know God.  I want them to be happy and enjoy this life.
Us at Jonah's 5th Birthday party

Jason and the kids after the football game in Abilene

Jonah you are loved by so many...from your sister, Mommy and Jason, Daddy and Lauren, Daddy Keys and Gigi, Grandpa, Papa, Mimi and Poppy, Uncle Thad & Aunt Jenny, several other Aunts and Uncles, many cousins, friends and teachers.
I'm sure Grandma and Meme are smiling down on you from Heaven.
Enjoy your day!


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