Monday, August 6, 2018

The One with the Letter to My Coach

Dear Coach of Mine,

I love you.

You amaze me.  You really do.  

Watching you do your thing is fun to watch and I'm so glad that you love your job so much.

You strive for greatness and you do not give up.

You believe in these kids and you show up for them.

You set an example to our own kids that is excellent.

Your character is good and you stand by your word.

You set goals and work hard to achieve them.

You fight for your programs and your athletes.

You are everything in my life that is wonderful and this season I want to make it wonderful for you so I'll be here....

I'll be here holding down the fort.

I'll be here with supper waiting on you.

I'll be here fixing things around the home that I can.

I'll be here taking care of our children.

I'll be here wishing you good luck and cheering you on.

I'll be here praying for you.

I'll be here in the dark when you kiss me goodbye on those early mornings.

I'll be here waiting up for you into the late hours 
after an out of town game.

I'll be here at home waiting 
for you to come home each day.

I'll be here missing you, but also know that I am so proud of you.

I believe in you.




It's that time of year.
We are ready.


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