Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The One with the Introduction of Presleigh Belle

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As most of you know, we found out we were expecting the day after Christmas and last Thursday we welcomed our sweet daughter into this world.

I would like to introduce you to her.

First of all, her name -----> It is a name that Jason threw out and I wasn't crazy about until I saw it somewhere spelled Presleigh.  What makes us like it even more is that his sister's name is Erleigh sooooo that worked out.  Belle was my Nanny's middle name.  
She passed away in 2007 from cancer.
I think she would've been pleased.
I miss her.

{from Mommy's belly to Daddy's arms}
Photos by my sweet Mom @gwenalisa on IG

The sign that my aunt made for the hospital door for our guests to sign.

Jason and I meeting our precious bundle of joy.
Life changing.

One of the football captains delivered this sweet card to us in the hospital from the team.
Made my day.

We also received a nice card from Jason's boss that said that they hoped "Presleigh had her Mom's heart and her Dad's passion..."

These are some flowers that we received in the hospital from a kind friend.

Our first family picture.
I graduated with Ericka from Ericka Moore Photography and she always takes incredible pictures of our family.
Love her, her family and her work.

This is the sign that my aunt made for our front yard.

This is Presleigh in her "Going Home Outfit."  Olivia came home from the hospital in this same dress and so did I back in 1979! My Nanny (dad's mom) and my Buck (mom's dad) purchased this dress when I was born.

Sims, Party of Five <3
Right after we first got home from the hospital we took some quick pictures out in the front yard by our sign.
So much love in this one photo that my mom captured.
I love them all sooooo much.
Our hearts are so full!!

Jason had a very memorable week.
He coached his first game as the Athletic Director/Head Football Coach for the Childress Bobcats {our hometown} and he witnessed the birth of his baby girl.
His story made the Amarillo Globe News.

This was the first football game that I have ever missed.... and even though it was hard for me (I won't go into detail because I know there would only be like 1.5 people that would "get it" ... of course it was worth it because look at Presleigh <pure joy>!

The Bobcats won their game 15-14 against the Wellington Skyrockets and I had a precious friend/coach's wife that sat with me at the hospital during the game and we listened to it on the radio that another dear friend brought me.

A memorable week, for sure.

These are the beautiful flowers that my parents sent us.

We have had so many family and friends taking such good care of us.
We are blessed with all of the kindness that abounds amongst the people in our little world.

If you are reading this and are a part of our little world, 
please know how thankful we are for you.
You have helped make this week and this entire pregnancy special.


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  1. Congrats again!!! She is just a doll! So very excited for you and you are amazing for posting with all you have going on! Enjoy this sweet newborn time

  2. She is so beautiful! Congratulatons to all of you. I can't wait to meet her!

  3. Congrats on your beautiful little girl! And, congrats to your hubby on a win! We briefly lived in Amarillo after we first were married! Small world!

  4. Precious baby, beautiful family. And life just got a bit sweeter!