Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The One with the Stressed Mama and the Verse that Reminds Me It's All Okay

Y'all, what a day.  What a week.  I have this amazing job that allows me to be off some during the summer.  This is my first summer to have this luxury.  I'm sold.  It's been so nice. ....but this week has been testing this Mama.  

Like today.... I wanted this happy, summer day spent with Mommy... Yay!!! Let's go to the park, let's bake cookies, let's sing songs and dance, read books, yada yada yada....   Except I feel like I spent the entire day getting onto my kids for fighting or not listening or telling them to put their shoes up again for the millionth time when I know they know where they go........ 

I want my kids to grow up remembering their childhood with me as a fun, loving time.... I don't want them to remember me as a stressed Mama that only cared if their rooms were clean.

It's so hard to find the balance amongst the chaos.  I want a tidy home, I want to teach the kids to be responsible, but honestly I look around sometimes and just throw my hands up because I feel like I can never get ahead and stay there.

I know these days won't last forever.  I know I need to enjoy playing with my kids and not worry about the dishes.... but surely there is a way to do both?  

Maybe I've seen too many Instagram feeds with happy Mamas and their happy babies and their spectacular homes and they always look so darn cute.  Maybe I look around and see these Moms who have grown kids and think, Now they have it all together...... they look great, spend time with their girlfriends and don't seem as frazzled as I feel.

At night when I finally plop down on our sofa....I think when am I going to get this Motherhood thing right? and now I'm about to add one more little one to our nest.  

I'm thankful that tomorrow is a new day and I get a chance to be better, to not get upset about the messes and to be the Mom that I want my kids to remember.  

I'm thankful for the peace that can come over this Mama's heart when I remember who is in control...

I'm thankful for lessons that can be learned through studying God's word and the reminders from Him that we are not to be anxious about anything.  

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
Philippians 4:6



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