Friday, June 12, 2015

The One with the Whimsy, Fun Etsy Shop

I'm doing this....hoping my own mother has completely forgotten I have a blog.

....because she would kill me.

If you like whimsy, cute, fun and colorful... I have a new Etsy Shop to share with you.

It belongs to my mom.
She makes art & jewelry.

The name is zandme818

My dad's first name is Zearry and 8/18 is a special date for them <3

Here is a few items from her shop:

These are great gifts for others or for yourself and they are reasonably priced.

Check out her shop at

Happy Friday, Friends!!


1 comment:

  1. Those are really adorable stuff you have on your Etsy shop. I bet a lot of people are quite interested on purchasing them— that is if your mother would allow it. Haha! Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us. Good day!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match