Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Night Before School Starts

I would have loved to give an update on our move and the adventures of our new home these past few weeks, but we have been without Internet since we moved. I'm posting from my phone right now and it's not as fun for me...
It's been an adventure for sure! Just like tonight...we are up at the field house taking our showers because a water pipe busted at our house! On a Sunday and on the night before school starts! No worries though, we just keep living no matter what comes our way! I hope to have Internet soon so I can give y'all an update! 
I will leave you with this video of the kids sporting their back to school pajamas!

Boo! I can't upload the video from my see it just go to my Instagram. I will post it there until I can add it later!

Goodnight and I hope everyone has a great first day!!

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  1. So sorry about the busted water pipe! Welcome to the joys of home ownership, haha! I hope the kids had a great day today.