Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Anniversary Trip - Part 2

On our third day in Fredericksburg we grabbed some breakfast at the Java Ranch Espresso Bar & Cafe.  We had some hot coffee and croissant sandwiches.  Delicious.  After breakfast we shopped and shopped! We probably went into almost every store.  

After we shopped we went to the Admiral Nimitz Museum.  This place was my favorite thing we did on this trip.  Even if you don't love history, go here and you will be impressed with how modern their museum is.  They had room after room of some awesome stuff.  I learned a lot from visiting this museum.  It was great!

After the museum we headed to the one and only Luckenbach, Texas.  We stayed for about an hour and enjoyed their pickers circle.  

The biggest cat I have ever seen lives in Luckenbach.

After we left Luckenbach we went to have dinner at the Cabernet Grill.  It was very good.  Dessert was amazing!

These were some pretty flowers in front of the place we stayed.  Everything was so lush there....really beautiful.

Our final day we went shopping for a few more things for Olivia and Jonah.

Afterwards we went to the Pacific War Combat Zone.
Huge torpedoes...

We had a yummy lunch at Hondo's.  Delicious burgers...and beautiful patio area.

Yee Haw...we were on our way home.  We took this at an antique store we stopped at along the way.

....but first one more stop at a football field.  This is the Puncherdome in Mason, Texas.


  1. Happy anniversary! Kevin and I went to Fredericksburg for our 1st anniversary, too! :)

  2. Sounds like such a fun trip! We haven't been to Fredericksburg in years. I think we'll have to do that soon! I love your blog, Tara.